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Monday, January 13, 2014

New flyable aircraft for Cliffs of Dover

Team Fusion, the unofficial mod team working on Cliffs of Dover, has confirmed they are working on new flyable aircraft for inclusion in the next major update of the game.

Cockpit for the Wellington anyone?

Both cannon armed Spitfires and Hurricanes are priorities for TF 5.0

Along with 109F's, 109E-7's, etc.

Some of these are quite easy, some are not.

And since we need to release these aircraft as pairs according to their historical dates, the easier ones have to wait for the more difficult.

So for example, while the Spit IIb is relatively simple to create, no code work required, the 109F is not.

The 109E-7, again, relatively simple.  Hurricane II's, not so.

We can't say at this point when they will be available.

No mention here of  the Wellington, which is currently the most requested new flyable by ATAG forum members, followed closely by the Spit IIb and the Beaufighter.


  1. We definitely need the Welly. Apart from the Blenheim theres nothing RAF that can drop bombs. The multiplayer maps desperately need it for more dynamic and playable scenarios.

  2. hell yeah I was hoping they were going to add a new allied bomber, and those spitfires with cannons are going to fit in a treat! can't wait.