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Saturday, August 3, 2013

New WWII prop fighter sim on the way - based on DCS P51D

In recent days we saw this great news on Russian forums from the project lead of IL2 Pacific Fighters and Cliffs of Dover, Ilya Shevchenko:

Some of you have probably already knows. For everyone else - my name is Ilya Shevchenko. Usually on the forums I am known as Luthier. Developing a flight simulation for almost 14 years. But all that I have done before - in the past. And I want to talk about the future.

And so to the future.

I'm with some former colleagues have long talk with the guys from Eagle Dynamics. Our relationship has not had to go public, but due to inadvertent click of the mouse they climbed out prematurely.

While officially podtvezhdayu items that have already announced yesterday:
1. There is a joint development between companies RRG Studios and Eagle Dynamics.
2. Make a new flight simulator WWII.
3. Founded on the principles that have been used in the development of DCS: P-51.
4. According to the work of the pilot, interactive booths, detail buttons, levers, loyalty, manuals, and elaborate on the aerodynamics - as in the P-51.
5. According to the simulation of internal systems - a model of pressure in every corner of the hydraulic system and etc - will be easier.
6. The landscape will be EDGE.
7. Theater, a set of aircraft, screenshots, videos - all will be announced later.

New information:
1. Tomorrow morning I, as well as the crew of the Eagle Dynamics, smooth formation is directed at an airshow Flying Legends. There we will feel from the inside planes and in every way with them converge. We will shoot a lot of videos and pictures of everything that can not be.
2. The official announcement of the project, with videos, screenshots, terms, and super detailed descriptions likely to be the 1st September 2013. This date, for some reason, it was critical for the project. So everything will be exactly.

Additional new information to disclose to the time I can not.

I will communicate with everyone and answer questions, not counting the next few days when I'm at an airshow kayfovat Surrounded by the beautiful curves of the favorite creatures. I will be a regular here in the DCS, and at the office forums ED.

Since then there have been a few more rumours - namely that this is intended as the first in a new WWII series by ED/DCS, that the series will stretch to Korea, that the team will add to the DCS platform with improved landscape etc.

If you haven't already got the basic DCS P-51D module, read the review here.

A real WWII theatre and campaign is exactly what this module was missing, and it always did have the feeling it was just a test project to see how easily WWII aircraft could be integrated into the DCS ecosystem.

Later, ED introduced an AI only FW190 into the module, and again, showed that was possible, so it is no surprise they have now taken the logical step of beginning production of a series of WWII based modules. The good news is they have lured the lead developer of iconic titles like Pacific Fighters and Cliffs of Dover to lead the project - Ilya Shevchenko.

Shevchenko is a leader with enormous passion and ambition. Reportedly, he had to fight hard to get Oleg Maddox in IL2 days to agree to develop Pacific Fighters, but his determination proved worthwhile as it is one of the great sim titles for Pacific Theatre fans. However, there is some debate about whether the ultimate product was more the work of Maddox, or Shevchenko.

Shevchenko's passion led him into deep waters in Cliffs of Dover however, where 'scope creep' (the inability of a project leader to stick to clear and simple project goals and timelines) was one of the things that led to the much delayed release of a very buggy product for which Shevchenko later apologised and worked hard to fix.

DCS World is a great platform for someone like Luthier to work in - as the basic game code is already there, and he can concentrate on creating content.

If he can keep his ambition under control, the already established platform of DCS World and the P51D should be the ideal sandbox for him.