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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Latest Cliffs of Dover beta patch 1.09

I dont jump into new patches, so here is what I gather from sukhoi and 1C...

RAF aircraft speeds corrected for low alt...RAF can dogfight again. This is a big positive.

Even smoother rendering, fps, no stuttering.

Light clouds are back, but cloud shadows not consistent and objects visible through clouds.

People are having fun with the Su26 and its weird weapons (for them, I recommend War Thunder!). They need to be enabled in FMB tho and there may be a landing taxi issue.

Engine startup issue as described above. Time to warm up engine sufficiently to start Hurricanes - 9 mins! Return of a bug from a previous patch. This is a big backward step.

Couple of report of strange effects from the winder weapons on the Su26, including aircraft seemingly still able to fly despite missing half the airframe after being hit. Apparently this is just a visual gfx issue. Small hits are being displayed as huge ones.

Machines without fuel, or with engines destroyed able to auto taxi to hangars. with many a patch, two steps forward, one back. But they are getting there!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The CoD MMO debate

A lot of debate about whether I have received and posted wrong information again. This is fair.

But I point out that when I published the CoD hoax press release (which I have now clearly labelled a hoax) Blacksix was online the same day, on both 1C and SimHQ forum to make clear it was a hoax and the sequel was not Battle of Stalingrad.

Now please read his answer to the direct question put to him about the sequel, as a result of the post on this blog:

Originally Posted by furbs
Black6, so you can confirm that the sequel is not a MMO?

Blacksix: I can't comment this.

Originally Posted by Tree_UK
Black Six, can you give us a list of things you can comment on.

Blacksix: Don't ask me about sequel till the announcement.

So why was he instantly able to deny Battle of Stalingrad, but not able to deny the content of my recent conversation with someone I believe to be working with 1C?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Cliffs of Dover 'sequel' (BoS) will have MMO elements

The CoD sequel will have many elements taken from the popular MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) gameplay model from games such as World of Tanks and War Thunder.

From 1C/777:

Q. Will BOS be classified as an MMO?
A. No, BOS will include both SP and MP game-play options but giving some new unique experiences. We know flight-simmers enjoy both types of game-play.
Therefore 1C/777 are not ruling out large scale multiplayer game-play options (previously 128 player multiplay has been mentioned), but this will not be the only gameplay option. Great news for single player fans . . . as long as the devs address Rise of Flight player concerns about the AI in that game.


The devs have announced the game will have a huge number of elements which are ripped straight out of the MMO playbook:

- experience points will be awarded to players for kills and completed missions
- the great the realism settings, the more points will be awarded
- points can be swapped for aircraft 'powerups' such as better armour, or stronger weapons

They say the powerups will not be historically inaccurate (ie these will be field mods which were available to pilots of the VVS or Luftwaffe of the time) and will not be without their disadvantages eg more armour will result in poorer handling, bigger cannon in slower firing rate etc.

There is also confusion around whether the powerups can be purchased, or can only be paid for through the XP points system, leading to fear of a 'pay to win' model in which players can buy more armour and bigger weapons to help them win online.

Time will tell.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Forget your other sim woes. BOB2 v2.12 is nearly here!

2.12 Announcement from 'BADER' of the BoB Developers Group (BDG)

Every year in the UK we remember the Battle of Britain on 15th September. So much has been said and written since 1940 that modern eyes can see this as a small struggle, in the context of six years of worldwide conflict. Indeed it was, in terms of human scale.

But at the time, its importance cannot be overstated. It brought together the largest and most powerful airforces in the world in an age where air power was the defining characteristic of national strength. It pitched these forces into a battle which was the first step in turning the tide of the war.

BoBII is the only comprehensive simulation of the Battle of Britain. It will remain the benchmark. Rowan's vision is still unique and powerful. Moreso today, with the years of updates than when initially released. We hope you enjoy our Time Machine.

Content for BoBII 2.12 is now final. We have to complete testing and then package up final installers. Below is a preview of what's included.


Battle of Britain II BDG_2.12 Release.
Please note that the items listed in these release notes are all incremental over 2.11. For notes on prior updates there, please see:
This update has been brought to you by the freeware BDG (BoB Developers Group) team. We hope you enjoy the continued enhancements for what has been a real labour of love for over 10 years.

So what's included?

1) Major Campaign Game features update (two27)
2) Bug fixes and AI behaviour updates (Buddye)
3) Historically accurate key features, Accuracy of airfields, industrial targets and defences is now simply unsurpassed by any past or future BoB simulation.
4) Historically accurate key features - RAF airfields (Ben, PV, Stickman)
5) Historically accurate key features - Industrial locations (Stickman and PV)
6) Historically accurate key features - AA defences (Stickman)
7) Historically accurate landscape features - (PV)
8 ) More new models - (Ben)
9) Flight model corrections - (blue six)


Note1: this update will bring *any* previous version up to 2.12. You do not need any previous patches at all.
Note2: You will need the latest DirectX to run 2.12.
You will get a missing .dll error if you do not. When you run the 2.12 self-installer it will point you to the Microsoft DirectX update page. Update to DirectX9.0c (June version). Unfortunately, there are multiple versions of 9.0c so if in any doubt, update.
Note3: The MultiSkin patch should go ON TOP OF Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory v2.12 Patch (English) OR Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory v2.12 Patch (International)
You should have a 256M gfx card to be sure to run without issues.
Note4: How to back up your existing settings from earlier BoBII updates.
Buddye's installation guide HERE->
Back up your Bdg.txt and \savegame, \2dGauge, and \keyboard folders (these folders contain all your settings and joystick buttons)
Note5: If you have a low end system and experience a crash once into 3D, go to your bdg.txt file and set LANDSCAPE_TEXTURE_SIZE = 1024 (the default is 2048). This will reduce the landscape texture resolution by a factor of 4 and should help users with low system memory.
Note6: The minimum requirements for BoBII have changed very significantly since initial release. To run 2.12 successfully we recommend Win XP/7, 2GB RAM, 1GB Video card, Strong Dual or Quad Core processor. The BOB2 campaign however can still be played in 2D on older PCs with no problem.
Note7: Vista and Windows 7 users may need to apply the 'Vista/Windows 7 fix' to your desktop shortcut as a fresh 2.11 install will overwrite the previous shortcut.
Right click on shortcut and go to properties. Go to the compatibility tab. Check "disable desktop composition" and check the privilege level, run this program as an administrator.
Note8: Forcing VSync with ATI card
There is a known issue with the latest ATI cards and VSync. See
In short, you need to right click your ATI tray icon and enable through that (Wait for vertical refresh->Always on).
Note9: Framerates over densely populated areas of 3D objects.
See the section later in this thread. Object rendering is not as efficient as we hope to make it in the future. Be prepared to check your Ground Object Density settings in densely populated urban areas. See below.
Note10: You will not be able to run old campaigns with 2.12. You will need to restart them.


Campaign updates release notes; Very significant fixes, improvements and adjustments have been made, especially to the Luftwaffe campaign. This is the biggest campaign fix since release of BoBI, let alone BoBII. A huge piece of work.

Here are comprehensive notes from our very talented and dedicated coder Randy. (Word doc.)
Here: --> <-- Here

And here is Stickman's excellent Luftwaffe campaign thread. Very useful for Luftwaffe players.
Here: -->

A terrific thread on how things have changed for the Luftwaffe campaigner. Worth a good read!
Here: -->


Historically accurate key features, Accuracy of airfields, industrial targets and defences is now simply unsurpassed by any past or future BoB simulation.

a) Historically accurate key features including buildings, roads and treelines - RAF airfields (Ben, PV, Stickman)
RAF Fighter Command: Updated: Biggin Hill, Coltishall, Croydon, Debden, Duxford, Gravesend, Hawkinge, Hornchurch, Kenley, Lympne, Manston, Martlesham, Middle Wallop, Northolt, North Weald, Pembrey, Rochford, Stapleford, Tangmere, Warmwell, Westhampnet, West Malling
RAF Bomber Command: Updated: Andover, Boscombe Down, Detling, Odiham, Worthy Down
RAF Coastal Command: Updated: Eastchurch, Ford, Gosport, Lee On Solent, Shoreham, Thorney Island

b) Historically accurate key features - Factories (Stickman and PV) from period photographic sources.
Updated: Woolston Supermarine, Woolston Supermarine, Itchen Aircraft Factory, ThornyCroft Motors, Southampton Electrical Works, Westland Aircraft works, Farnborough R.A E. (now the Home of the British Army), Canterbury Industry, Brooklands Vickers Works, Brooklands Hawker Factory, Langley Hawker Factory, Feltham General Aircraft Factory, Hatfield de Havilland Works, Luton Vauxhall Works.

c) Historically accurate key features - Oil, Gas, and Power targets (Stickman, PV, Ben) from period photographic sources.
Updated: Battersea, West Ham Power Station, Beckton Gas Works, Thames Haven Oil Farm,

d) Historically accurate key features - AA defences, see below (Stickman)

e) Historically accurate landscape features - (PV)
Updated: Southampton, Woolston, George V docks, Wemouth, Tilbury, Thames Haven, Gravelines to Dunkerque.

f) Historically accurate landscape features - docks - (Stickman, Ben, PV) from period photographic sources
Updated: Portland Naval Base, Weymouth Docks, Southampton Docks, Bournemouth Docks, Eastbourne Docks, Sheerness Docks, Dover Docks, Tilbury Docks, Brighton Docks.

f) More aircraft models. Look for the Supermarine Walrus and Blackburn Shark at Coastal Command locations,and buses.

Watch out for three at once. (A typically British piece of humour from the very classy Rowan team that we have left in.)


Historically accurate key features - AA defences (Stickman).

This is a tremendous piece of work to research light, medium and heavy AA defences during the BoB period. AAA emplacements of the right calibre have been situated in the game exactly where they were in 1940 as in this shot of Dover Castle.

British AA was fairly ineffective in the early war period and was over-estimated by the Luftwaffe. Later, it improved.

Full release notes to come shortly...


2.12 code (exe) Changes from 2.11 ] (Buddye)

1. In the R-3-5 Radio command, the Ghost A/C (internal tracking of player) must not be excluded so that you can effectively command the AI to attack a new target (you must padlock the target first).
2. CTD reported by Chumleigh in campaign. I added a null pointer check to defend against the CTD.
3. Fixed the problem of the AI A/C flipping on their backs when the player or enemy AI is shooting at them during auto takeoffs or landings. The AI were trying to maneuver to avoid a conflict with the players. It was a conflict avoidance issue, The fix was to "not" do conflict avoidance during the AI auto takeoff or landing. Turned out to be a very tough problem to understand.
4. Added a NULL pointer check (mad) in program "Add_Shadow" to work around a CTD reported (thanks to Chumleigh's report).
5. Changed the Group Go Home criteria for the Campaign only. The Group will go home when the number of A/C left fighting plus the number of A/C in go Home status is equal or greater than 50% of the number in the original Squad. The Campaign players wanted this change to reduce the number of A/C in the Squad being killed.
6. A change to keep the RAF A/C from going to France most of the time. I did implement a random factor for individual A/C in a Squad so that on rare chance a "wild duck" pilot will continue chasing the enemy back to France.
Note: to use this code you must set the following: BDG_Values.RAF_Breaksoff_Before_France = ON. The default is OFF.
7. I implemented two new BDG.txt parameters for two AAA guns as follows:
-- Reload_LT_BRIT_3_7IN_Gun = 1800.000000 #The Reload Time in CSeconds (Csec/100 = sec)for the British 3.7 inch gun.
-- Reload_LT_BRIT_4_5IN_Gun = 1200.000000 #The Reload Time in CSeconds (Csec/100 = sec)for the British 4.5 inch gun.
Stickman will use the new parameters to test and find the best default values for both the 3.7 IN and 4.5 IN British guns so the players will not need to change (unless they want something different).
8. I added the following Bdg.txt parameters for Testing by Heinkill so that he can evaluate the effectiveness of "straggler" code:
BOB_WING_OV_A = 100.000000 #Bomber Phase one wing, straggler
BOB_WING_OV_B = 160.000000 #Bomber Phase two wing
BOB_ENG_OV_A = 100.000000 #Bomber Phase one engine, straggler
BOB_ENG_OV_B = 200.000000 #Phase two engine
BOB_CAN_A = 50.000000 #Bomber Phase one canopy, straggler
BOB_CAN_B = 100.000000 #Phase two canopy
BOB_CAN = 2.000000 #JU87 canopy
BOB_ENG = 190.000000 #Used for determining engine fire, do not change
The three BDG.txt straggler changes are shown for #8. Here is the code and the code text:
First the straggler code is as follows:
if ( ac->ai.islimpinghome == false &&
(((adptr->LEFTWINGOUT + adptr->LEFTWINGIN + adptr->RIGHTWINGIN + adptr->RIGHTWINGOUT) /4) > BDG_Values.BOBWINGOVA) || //BOBWINGOVA = 100
(adptr->CANOPY > BDG_Values.BOBCANA)) ) //BOBCANA = 50
These are all "or" so if any are true the bomber becomes a straggler, and then either heads home or tries to complete his mission at a slower pace.
The three key parameters are:
BOBENGOVA =100 this is the engine damage (so if the either engine is damaged greater than 120 out of 256 the bomber becomes a straggler
BOBWINGOVA = 100 this is the wing damage so if the sum of all the wing damage (two wings plus inside and outside wing) divided by 4 is greater than 120
BOBCANA = 50 this is the canopy damage so if the bomber canopy damage is greater than 50 the bomber becomes a straggler
9. No evasive maneuver if attacking A/C is maneuver = STRAFFE and target A/C has it gear on the ground.
10. Added a new BDG.txt parameter for those who want a an option for the JU87 behavior (maybe not realistic but the JU87 did have front guns):
Do_You_Want_The_JU87_To_DogFight=OFF # ON = After being fired on (and a evasive maneuver) the JU87 will dogfight OFF = No, dogfighting after being fired on (and an evasive maneouvre)


Flight Model (FM) updates.
Some notes from Blue Six, our FM specialist.

"Bf110 wing aerodynamics have been revised to bring them into closer compliance with those being used for the Bf109 (both aircraft used NACA 2R1 foils, the only difference being that the Bf110 had a higher thickness to chord ratio on the inboard section). Top speed and max roll rate remain unchanged, turn capability is slightly improved. While still no match for the RAF single-seaters, the Bf110 is less obviously out-classed and much more pleasant to fly.

The 3D prop pitch gauges on the Bf109 and Bf110 have been repaired. Each now indicates full fine pitch at the "12 o'clock" position, and unwinds counter-clockwise, indicating full coarse pitch at approximately "6 o'clock." The Bf110 gauge fix is interim and will be finalized once minor code changes are complete."


Note: please select FULL Ground Object Density in the game setup screens (under "More GFX") to see all of the objects.


Folkestone Harbour



Yet another wonderful team effort across all times zones and nationalities. The passion and dedication of the team continues to humble me.
We don't do this for the pay, merely for the love of a shared passion.
There are dozens of people contributing to the various versions so far.
Please see past release notes for previous versions. Specifically on 2.12, thank you to:
Coders- Buddye, two27
Flight Model (FM)- blue six
Models: Creation, conversion- Ben
Textures- Ben, Stickman
Landscape- PV, Stickman
Testing/General- alexcraig, chumleigh, Borton, Stickman, Heinkill, creepycrawl, tigermoth
and, as ever, Scott, for allowing us to camp out here and general support.


Multiskin updates
2.12 Multiskin will follow the main code update. Bf110 schemes will be updated and 'A' and 'B' camouflage patterns will be introduced for RAF fighters. It is worth re-stating that BoBII does something that no other sim has ever done (or will ever do). It models every single aircraft down to Squadron or Staffel level with unique paintschemes and identifying codes.

All in, over 2,000 schemes for all fighters and bombers are authentically modelled, a unique feature of the passion and dedication of the BoBII community.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Cliffs of Dover is Dead, Long Live the Sequel?

I am afraid not my dear 1C.

1C has confirmed there will be no further work on Cliffs of Dover after the current patch is delivered. The 1C Forum is burning with disappointed players who feel they have paid for a broken product which has never been fixed.

Personally, for me, the game code itself is quite stable and playable on medium settings.

But all the gameplay elements which were broken at launch and never fixed have meant I have not spent much time on the sim lately (combat AI is a joke, FMs questionable especially with latest beta, campaigns porked, radio commands removed or not working, quick mission options limited, and online play has always been hit and miss with many CTDs and maps not able to handle many aircraft simultaneously.)

Luthier advises they are walking away from Cliffs of Dover, of which they were 'not proud', because it has lost too much money and they need to focus on the sequel.

The question 1C needs to ask themselves, is why would anyone who got burned on Cliffs of Dover, buy their sequel at all.

This is not pre-democracy Russia, where the public had one choice of crappy vehicle, the Lada, and the makers did not care because there was no competition.

Wait, is that a Lada, or Cliffs of Dover? 

The flight sim genre is actually quite healthy at the moment. So I will not be buying the 1C sequel until it is proven to be playable. Not making that mistake again.

In the meantime I recommend all players to move their support to flight simulator developers who are honest and credible and support their customers, of which there are many: A2A (Microsoft FS add-ons and BOB2),  Eagle Dynamics (DCS series), 777 (Rise of Flight), Gaijin (Wings of Prey, War Thunder) or OFF (Over Flanders Fields), to name a few.

Anyway here is the bad news from lead developer, Luthier, on the 1C forums:

Hello everyone,

It’s been too long since I’ve posted on here. Black Six has been doing such a good job managing the forums and interacting with the community that it really allowed me to sit back and just focus on managing the product.

I apologize if my absence has upset some of you. I know the community adores wild rumors, but we’re all still here, and we’re working very hard on making the Il-2 series better.

However as you might have guessed, the brunt of the team’s efforts has gradually shifted to the sequels. I know many of you won’t be happy, and neither are we. Cliffs of Dover is still not the product we are happy with or proud of. Unfortunately, as all businesses we have goals, budgets, profits, losses, expenses, and wages. We have milestones to meet with our future products, and we just cannot miss those.

So for the past two weeks the team has been working hard on delivering a stable, working milestone for the sequel.

The general plan is, after the milestone is submitted and accepted, we return to the now almost-final patch, cram as much as we can into it, and make it our final Cliffs of Dover patch. The next time it will be updated is when you install the sequel over it.

Are we happy with that? No. But we simply cannot continue to support and grow Cliffs of Dover while also trying to ensure our sequels are released on time and are sufficiently polished. I’m sure most of you will agree that we have already supported our release more than perhaps any other developer in a similar situation. Most of you have probably guessed that Cliffs of Dover was not exactly the most profitable project in the world, and for at least the past year supporting it did nothing for the bottom line but put it deeper into the red.

Having said all that, Alexander sent me a short list of the most commonly asked questions. So here are the answers.

1) When do you expect to have full-featured anti-aliasing?
We still didn’t get to that task as our graphic programmers still have a pile of even higher priority issues to cover. So, not in the next patch.

2) Will the next patch be fully NVidia certified, and will it have Crossfire support?
NVidia – definitely. CF – still TBD.

3) Will there be a complete readme?

4) What’s the status of the Su-26 and the SDKs?
We will most likely include the Su-26 in the final patch for free. The SDKs, we really want to release at least the map-making SDK to the public “as is”, which is why they’re not covered by the next patch v. sequels discussion. However simply packing up the source code into a package that can be released to the public is a somewhat lengthy task that can only be done by our lead programmer. Once he’s done putting out the fires, and once the patch is out the door, we’ll find a way to squeeze that into his schedule.

With that, I'm out. I'll be back at the end of the day to answer more of your questions.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cliffs of Dover sequel not entering alpha before 2013

1C spokesperson B6 said on the 1C forums today that the much rumoured sequel to Cliffs of Dover would 'go alpha' in 2013.

There seems little doubt the followup to the failed launch of Cliffs of Dover will see a major departure for 1C, the creators of the IL2 Sturmovik franchise, into the realm of MMO flight games such as War Thunder and World of Planes.

It appears they may also be considering micropay content along the lines of the Rise of Flight model.

More below:


Originally Posted by touchdown42 View Post
Perhaps they are busy, because they are aiming for the 19th of November.
Would be the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the battle for Stalingrad from the russian perspective.
We are not aiming for the 19th of November, it's impossible. We are planning to make alpha version in 2013.

Originally Posted by adonys View Post
B6, you've either looked-over or just missed this one. can you comment on it, please?
I can't. Waiting for the readme and Luthier's info update.

Originally Posted by klem View Post
Sorry BlackSix, I didn't explain very well. csThor asked about improving gameplay in future projects. I thought he meant the sequel but you came back with comments about other project ideas.

I should simply have asked if the gameplay in the sequel will be improvement on CoD?
I know answer but I can't answer because this issue concerns the content of the sequel.

Originally Posted by NaBkin View Post
My questions are:

- Is it still true that you need 1 year to create 1 plane? Because then I suppose we never will see a Focke 190 :/

- Did 1C ever thought about business model like paying for a single plane like in RoF?

- Did 1C ever think about crowdfunding next projects? I think there would be many people who are happy to back or even donate for exciting projects in the future (if proper PR done for it). It's perfect for niche games!

- Did you hear about the Occulus Rift ( and could you see that as a future trend for flightsimming? (Your personal opinion)
1) Yes, we need 1 year to create 1 plane. Now we have 9 3D-modellers in the team and we work with the freelancers.
You never will see a FW-190 if we'll make next game about operation there FW-190 never used.

2) Yes, we thought about such business model. You will know about result in the announcement.

3) We're not independent team. We're part of the big publisher 1C. As far as I know, this business model is not for us.

4) I didn't hear, sorry. I can't answer now.
1ะก:MG, Mission Designer & Community Manager
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wassup with Cliffs of Dover? 2 Sept 2012


A shot from the Battle of Moscow sequel. Do you care? After all, you already paid once for a sim that was a buggy mess. 1C hopes you care enough to pay again, because "on the success and timely appearance of a new game depends all our future."

You've given up waiting for a patch to make Cliffs of Dover playable for you right? Or, you did have it working, but the latest beta patch porked it for you so you gave up (well, beta is beta boyo!). Or it's good enough for you in its current state and you are happily playing with it, buggy mess that it is.

I know I have moved on. There are too many other sims and games out there which run just fine on my machine, and are fun! (CoD to me is more like work, than fun, in its current state).

The next official update is however 'around the corner', so maybe when it arrives it will be worth firing up CoD again.

The latest from 1C unofficial spokesperson, BlackSix - 2 Sept 2012 - is below (but isn't it sad even he no longer bothers to post updates on the English language official 1C game website, only in Russian, on the Sukhoi forum? Says it all really.):

"a) At the moment, the main goal for CloD - to bring the current series of beta patches to the final status and publication on Steam. After that, the leadership will have take a decision on the future of the game.
b) We have a very tight schedule for a sequel. We are now focused with full strength on it, as of the success and timely appearance of a new game depends all of our future. "

So, the next update, if and when it arrives, will be the last.

Nothing more will be done with Cliffs of Dover, all efforts are being put into Battle for Moscow, or Stalingrad, or whatever it is, and CoD owners can just hope it is a backward compatible 'merge' install as was done with IL2 expansions, so that improvements in the new game will update the basic engine in the CoD scenario too.

In any case, here are some more of his Sukhoi updates, in case your Russian is rusty:
  • Readme for last beta? Coming with next official patch
  • Mini-patch for LOD/Tree shadows? - Fixed
  • .Net crash on exit (Microsoft .net security updates causing?) fixed
  • When will we get all damage decals back? (small calibre hits etc) some fixed still more work to be done
  • When will we get the Clouds back? - lower level clouds are back - high altitude clouds still being worked on
  • Is the SDK being worked on again yet? Timeframe for release? Before sequel or after? Low priority
  • Is there a plan to implement Anti Aliasing or any of the newer full scene anti aliasing (FXAA, MLAA, TSAA etc)?? Timeframe for release? Before sequel or after? Yes, we are planning to make normal AA in the future. The main task now is fixing and debugging new game engine.
  • Is SLI/Crossfire support going to be working again soon now that you have almost finished the graphics engine rewrite? Is it a priority? Luthier says working with Nvidia for driver level profile
  • Mini-patch for Hurricane start issues? fixed
  • Will the 'weather' option be reset to original on RAF aircraft for more a more realistic appearance? skin weathering effects still being worked on
  • Will the Channel map coop problem be fixed to allow us to use it as originally intended? No further plans for co-op addition or changes
  • Does the ".cs" file have a character limit? OR Is the ".cs" file limited to so many functions or abilities? No & No
  • Why is there not a gladiator static object? We'll add this plane in the next patch maybe Only as a static object. And CR.42 too, maybe.
  • Any news on progress on the AI? There are still a lot of crashings of AI, in the air and on the ground. Could you give me links with bug-reports about crashings of AI on this forum? I'll show them to our programmers if they didn't see.
  • clouds: shadows and self-shadows, reflection on water, source light influences, etc.. are you working on them, and when they will be added (back)? We are working on them, they will be added in one of the patches, when they will be ready
  • - Radio Comms.. any progress in this area? is some programmer assigned to and working on it, or it was postponed? I need full list of bugs in the last beta-patch. Our programmer are working on it.
  • - AI.. any progress in this area? is some programmer assigned to and working on it, or it was postponed? Our programmers are working on it.
  • I will add to the above and ask if the FM are still been worked? FM are still been worked, we'll tell when we'll stop all work for CloD.
  • do the development team look at the bugtracker at all? Some of our programmers look at the bugtracker, some of our programmers can't read English, some of our programmers visit bug-threads only on the I don't study a bugs, this is not my work. If I see question about problem with game I need link with bug-report.
  • I know this is a long shot but it would nice for the reds to get another bomber. I know you have already stated that the modellers are all working on the sequal. We can't make new planes or cockpits for CloD. We can fix only now.
  • Has the skin weathering bug being addressed? Yes, we know about this bug
  • Are the problems with interior and exterior sound problems still being worked on for the official patch, for example, damage or hit sounds? Do you have links with bug-reports about sound problems?
  • Can you give a waiting time estimate on this "final patch"? I can't. Nobody know this now.
  • Focke-Wulf 190. When? If we'll make appropriate theater of operation then we'll make FW-190.
  • - some chrono doesn't work, - magneto switch auto at engine start, - need to make a key for armed bomb and switch low altitude, (no feature in cockpit), -need to make a key for starting engine ( no click in cockpit availlable) Maybe we'll make something, I can't say about our plans
  • will see pilots animations in the future like bailing out open canopy etc Maybe in the sequel.
  • You mentioned ages ago the devs were working on improving the ground handling of aircraft. Is this included in the current beta? Maybe in the sequel.
  • It was also mentioned that the flight model was being improved by making lift calculations at different points along the wing. Have these changes been released yet? We'll tell about this in the readme if we'll make this
  • Will the spit cockpit be fixed I.e. rim wheel animations, corrected read outs etc Maybe
  • Su26 ... what about that ? ? Ilya said last year: "You’ll get to fly it". I have no new info.
  • Are the development team aware of the fact that the 'engine temperature effects' setting of the game reduces the performance of all aircraft in the game by varying amounts when switched on? Affecting some aircraft more than others? To be discussed with the FM programmer. :UPDATED: 28-8-2012
  • Are there plans to accept 3rd party ground objects to be imported into CLOD, such as buildings, trees, static objects etc. We have no this plans.
  • In the current Beta-Patch, many Radio-Commands are removed compared to the last official version. Are you planing to fix only the radio-commands of the last beta or all the radio commands, including the radio-commands from the last official version?
    I think we are planing to fix only the radio-commands of the last beta. We have no time for full rework.
    1. Is dedicated server going to be available? Timeframe for release? Before sequel or after?
    2. If no dedicated server is being worked on (above) is the MP code still being worked on and what improvements would you like to make?
    3. Are you expecting further maximum FPS improvement or are you focusing on minimum and average FPS and removing micro stutters?
    4. Will there be an improvement to the GUI for setting up control device axes? Compare to old IL-2 where it was very simple to do.
    5. Will there ever be a document or readme what the graphics options in conf.ini do or could they be integrated as Options in Graphics, if applicable?
    6. Will the user interface be simplified or implimented as per 1946 to allow easier use?
    7. Will a QMB function be set as above to expand single player
    1-2 This work has a very low priority
    3 We will try to work on all fronts
    4-5-6-7 We are not planning this now for CloD