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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cliffs of Dover sequel not entering alpha before 2013

1C spokesperson B6 said on the 1C forums today that the much rumoured sequel to Cliffs of Dover would 'go alpha' in 2013.

There seems little doubt the followup to the failed launch of Cliffs of Dover will see a major departure for 1C, the creators of the IL2 Sturmovik franchise, into the realm of MMO flight games such as War Thunder and World of Planes.

It appears they may also be considering micropay content along the lines of the Rise of Flight model.

More below:


Originally Posted by touchdown42 View Post
Perhaps they are busy, because they are aiming for the 19th of November.
Would be the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the battle for Stalingrad from the russian perspective.
We are not aiming for the 19th of November, it's impossible. We are planning to make alpha version in 2013.

Originally Posted by adonys View Post
B6, you've either looked-over or just missed this one. can you comment on it, please?
I can't. Waiting for the readme and Luthier's info update.

Originally Posted by klem View Post
Sorry BlackSix, I didn't explain very well. csThor asked about improving gameplay in future projects. I thought he meant the sequel but you came back with comments about other project ideas.

I should simply have asked if the gameplay in the sequel will be improvement on CoD?
I know answer but I can't answer because this issue concerns the content of the sequel.

Originally Posted by NaBkin View Post
My questions are:

- Is it still true that you need 1 year to create 1 plane? Because then I suppose we never will see a Focke 190 :/

- Did 1C ever thought about business model like paying for a single plane like in RoF?

- Did 1C ever think about crowdfunding next projects? I think there would be many people who are happy to back or even donate for exciting projects in the future (if proper PR done for it). It's perfect for niche games!

- Did you hear about the Occulus Rift ( and could you see that as a future trend for flightsimming? (Your personal opinion)
1) Yes, we need 1 year to create 1 plane. Now we have 9 3D-modellers in the team and we work with the freelancers.
You never will see a FW-190 if we'll make next game about operation there FW-190 never used.

2) Yes, we thought about such business model. You will know about result in the announcement.

3) We're not independent team. We're part of the big publisher 1C. As far as I know, this business model is not for us.

4) I didn't hear, sorry. I can't answer now.
1ะก:MG, Mission Designer & Community Manager
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