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Stand alone campaign by the
Sim-Outhouse CFS3 community

A stand alone install focusing on the few months between July and October 1940 when just a few hundred RAF Pilots defended Britain against the might of the Luftwaffe. This Alpha release contains new photo-scenery, aircraft and other items from the community to enhance the cfs3 world. Later versions are planned which will flesh out the install and enrichen the BoB environment further. Requires a stock version of cfs3 to be installed and patched to 3.1a. Full instructions and self-installer included.
Just-Flight mods
If you possess the Just Flight add-on, you might like to modify some of these previously featured missions yourself to include more accurate BOB aircraft.
Battle of Britain RAF Fighter by Wulfman: The most comprehensive user created BOB campaign for CFS3. To quote the author: Fly the new 2.85 version of the Aviation History Hurricane Mk1A against an array of German fighters and bombers including the Ju88, the He-111 and the Do-17Z2 all fiercely protected by Bf-109 E fighters. This set requires many downloads and I have provided direct links for each or to the page where many planes are located. Most missions are based on historical battles that occurred at that time on that day in that weather against that type of German opponent. Some are the small obscure patrols that use spawns to generate enemies and therefore are always a different experience each time you fly. There are 87 missions total including a few flying the Lysander to transfer base assignments. While this started out as an update it is actually a complete new set that took months to research and build. I used the official British daily reports so the fight is based on how it was seen then and not corrected by hindsight. Caution: due to the age of this package, not all links are currently working so you may have to search the internet for the planes needed. Most are however Avhistory 1% aircraft available at
KG-76 Attack on Kenley by Corpsegrinder: Entertaining bombing mission featuring a well known raid by KG-76 on Kenley airfield.
46th Luftwaffe Phase 1 by Sugito: Semihistorical set of Luftwaffe missions based on the early BOB period. Using 1% aircraft.
46th Luftwaffe Phase 2 by Sugito: Semihistorical set of Luftwaffe missions based on the later BOB period. Using 1% aircraft.
Black Summer BOB minicampaign by Corpsegrinder1977: Non historical 5 mission campaign representing typical conflicts of the Battle.

Microsoft's Combat Flight Sim 3 was released in 2002

CFS3 itself was set in the post Battle of Britain period but among the first commercial add-ons released was the impressive Battle of Britain by JustFlight. The CFS3 community has also released a series of BOB themed linked-mission campaigns (see below).

For a good review of the original CFS3, go here:

JustFlight's Battle of Britain 

Partnered with celebrated developer Aeroplane Heaven's acknowledged design skills this commercially released add-on includes 40 missions (20 RAF and 20 Luftwaffe) that re-create events on noteworthy days throughout the battle, even down to the correct weather and time. There are scenery improvements to the locations used in the missions and a full suite of special effects is included, featuring searchlights, audible air raid sirens which trigger when you approach a target, bomb flares, smoke effects, realistic tracer fire, AI aircraft involvement and more!

Aircraft (7/10)
Aircraft represented include:
  • Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (Two bladed wooden prop)
  • Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (Three bladed prop) 2 x liveries
  • Supermarine Spitfire Mk1A 3 x liveries
  • Messerschmitt Me 109E4 2 x liveries
  • Junkers Ju 87B Stuka
  • Heinkel He 111 2 x liveries

Gameplay (7/10)The game starts just after the invasion of France, from mid-May 1940 through to mid-September 1940, covering the retreat from France including the Dunkirk evacuation and then moving on to the German air assault on Britain.
Single player missions make up a lot of this title, with 40 (20 RAF, 20 Luftwaffe) available, throughout the Battle of Britain. It should be mentioned that the single player missions are varied and very well executed right down to the correct weather and time of day. They are not however, linked together into a coherent storyline, so the player finds themselves flying a Spitfire one moment, and a Hurricane the next. Or even more incongruously, an Me109, or a Stuka. There is even an opportunity to fly a captured Me109 for the RAF! Whether you find this entertaining or immersion destroying will be a matter of personal taste.
The campaign (based on the in-game CFS3 dynamic campaign system), is also a love-it or hate-it affair. With the changes made by JustFlight, the campaign allows the player to choose their mission type (patrol, bomber intercept, fighter intercept) with most missions starting in the air close to the target. Success and failure in missions is represented by a shifting front line represented on the map and influenced by the player's success or failure in the missions. In an unusual campaign system, the player builds up 'offensive' points by carrying out missions which can be used to drive the front line forward in offensive waves. If the front line moves over 'victory points' on the England mainland, Operation Sea Lion is deemed to have succeeded and the RAF loses. If the front line is pushed back to France, the RAF is deemed to have won and Sea Lion is postponed. If you can live with this 'deeming', the campaign offers an interesting but hardly realistic diversion.

Graphics (6/10)

The original sim is now showing its age, with aircraft skins, terrain and clouds that appear cartoony by recent standards. But since its release, CFS3 has been kept alive through the dedicated work of two particular groups of modders, responsible for some creative 're-builds' of the old sim: Over Flanders Fields, and Meditteranean Air War.
Flight models (8/10)
As you would expect from any add-on title from Just Flight the aircraft modelling is superb, along with flight characteristics with the addition of new aircraft from early on in the war like the ‘Twin-blade’ Hawker Hurricane Mk1 and Supermarine Spitfire Mk1A, also including the Junkers JU 87 ‘Stuka’ dive bomber, perhaps one of the glaring omissions from the original CFS3 title.

Effects (7/10)
Sounds are slightly enhanced, since there is the addition of the haunting ‘Trumpets of Jericho’ siren on the JU-87 ‘Stuka’ bomber along with air-raid sirens operating when you near large targets under attack. Other additions include one extra airbase, that of RAF Manston.

Endgame (7/10)
This add-on is now priced at around $20 USD, and despite its drawbacks is a worthwhile addition to any library at that price.
Likes: Of the 40 missions, there are about 25 that are very challenging and entertaining. The game works well as a set of unlinked, BOB period single missions. And it gives the player some aircraft for CFS3 that were missing from the original title.
Dislikes: The lack of a red-thread through the missions destroys immersion, and the campaign is a  kludge which like white bread is briefly satisfying, but not filling. CFS3 is also the flight sim that is able to put the fewest aircraft into the air, so missions usually revolve around 2-3 squadron size scraps.