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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Solve freezes and crashes in BoS campaign

BoS SP campaign has been a bit buggy for some people, who have experienced that the game freezes during missions, or crashes to the desktop. Here is the workaround that the devs have posted for game freezes and crashes in campaigns.

1. Update your Java

2. Turn off "Full Screen" option in game and use maximum native resolution (equal to windows desktop)

XP not awarded at end of mission

If this happens to you, the most likely cause reported is that your internet connection was unstable and so the game was not able to synch with the master server.

Not much you can do about that until the devs change the game to cache XP award data locally and synch when you have a good connection.

So you just have to fly it again.

Youda think theyda thunk of that one.

Getting kicked out of a multiplayer session with no warning

 This is a Ping Thing. Unfortunately BoS doesn't give you any warning on screen that you are losing connection or suffering a high ping, it just boots you.

So when you are choosing your MP serve, as the Chinese Premier said to the Chinese Olympic athlete: GO LO PING!

(Sure, that was both pathetic, and tasteless.)

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