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"Probably the best review of CloD I've yet read. Very balanced and fair." Rattlehead, 1C Forums.

"I consider this review good work- I'd recommend it to everyone wondering if to buy or not. Subjective in a sense that makes perfect sense, using common sense." DocW, SIMHQ Forums.

Full colour PDF version HERE or see the online version HERE 

Erprobungsgruppe 210, Day of the Destroyer:

This elite Luftwaffe fighter bomber unit was formed in July 1940 to trial new weapons and tactics during the Battle of Britain. Read a fictional account of the gruppe's early days in an illustrated story based on historical records of the actions of EGr 210 during the Battle of Britain. (IL2 Skin by CanonUK)
Download PDF HERE.

Forgotten Aircraft of 1940:

A look at the lesser known aircraft that took to the Channel skies in 1940. What Axis bi-plane took on the might of the RAF? What unorthodox machine brought down six Ju88s in one dogfight? And what the heck is the aircraft below which the RAF reported in the skies over Britain in 1940? 1MB. Download PDF HERE

The greatest Spitfire of all time:

Was it the Merlin engined Spit Mk1, or the Griffon powered beast that was the Mk XIV? You judge! Download PDF HERE

Die Luftschlacht um England. Did Germany lose the Battle of Britain?

Of course, Brits would say a resounding yes. But what do Germans think? Download PDF of article HERE

How the Battle of Britain brought the USA into the war.

Without victory in the skies over the Channel, Roosevelt may not have succeeded in his push to win public support for intervention in Europe. Article courtesy of PlaneSpotterDownload PDF of article HERE

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