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Sunday, April 28, 2013

FW 190D for DCS

An upcoming patch for DCS World will possibly include a FW190D as a long awaited adversary for the DCS P-51D Mustang.

This is fantastic news for those of us who have been grumbling about the fact there were no prop adversaries for the beautiful DCS P-51, which meant there was no COMBAT in this Digital COMBAT Simulator product.

The FW190 will be released as AI only at first, but later as a full fidelity aircraft on the same level as the P-51.

Team Fusion mod for Cliffs of Dover: full review!

Images like the WWII inset photo are now replicable in IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover.New flight models, contrails, high altitude dogfighting, but especially the ability to join online battles with 100+ players on the server at a time in a lag free environment, this is what the new Team Fusion Mod for IL2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover can offer.

Read the full review by Heinkill and Sokol1 here:

If you already have the mod and are looking for a fantastic offline campaign specially optimised for the mod, look no further than Bolox Spitfire on my tail campaign: here

New Luftwaffe REDUX campaign for Cliffs of Dover!

Now available for free download: Luftwaffe REDUX campaign for Cliffs of Dover; Operation Seelöwe

Mission design and storyline Heinkill, scripting by Bolox and Gabuzomeu, beta testing by W1ndy and BlackLion

Download self installer (.exe) here:
Or ZIP install file here:

Seelöwe, or Operation Sealion, was the planned invasion of England by German forces in the Autumn of 1940.

It never happened. But what if it had?

Using REDUX campaign scripting by Bolox and Gabuzomeu, we have revisited the stock CoD Luftwaffe campaign and completely reshaped it to craft an Operation Sealion invasion campaign flown from the Luftwaffe perspective.

You will fly as a pilot in the rebellious unit Stab I (Jabo), I/JG53 – a unit of battle hardened Luftwaffe veterans who not only took on the British, but also the Nazi high command during their stay in France in 1940. In this scenario hand picked pilots, including yourselves, have been selected to form a Bf109E4b Jabo, or ground attack unit, to support ground forces in the invasion.

The Seelowe Luftwaffe REDUX campaign offers you both air to ground and air to air action, and:

- takes you from the eve of the invasion, defending the invasion fleet at Calais, to the full fury of the invasion in the skies and over the cities of England.
- features the popular REDUX scripting of Bolox and Gabuzomeu with air and ground kill counts, campaign victory totals, and medals.
combat AI settings optimised to provide best possible aerial combat experience
- missions including escort, airfield attack, sea convoy attack, shipping cover, air convoy escort, AAA and AT suppression, combat air patrol
- daily combat reports, using period photographs, track the progress of the invasion
the usual attention to ground object detail at airfields, ports and in cities. Armour and ground forces clash on the ground below as you fight in the skies above.
- historically appropriate order of battle on both sides, including Axis support by Italian forces
- compatible with TEAM FUSION mod v. 1(3)
- includes a 23 page readme with the history of Operation Sealion and the featured unit, JG53.

What's different to the popular RAF REDUX campaign?

Ground attack! This is a jabo campaign with ground and air missions, so naturally the campaign script keeps track of your ground kills, as well as your air kills.

Installation and uninstallation

The REDUX campaigns are supplied in a self installing EXE program. Run this program and when prompted by the installer, browse to where you have your ‘IL2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover’ directory, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\parts\bob\mission\campaign. The campaign will then install and replace your existing Luftwaffe campaign in the campaigns menu.

If you do not choose your game directory, the campaign folder (campaign_de) will be placed in your My Documents folder. To uninstall you can simply ‘verify’ your game in Steam and it will restore your game to its original condition, but this will also remove any other mods you may have installed.

If you wish to uninstall manually, a backup of your stock Luftwaffe campaign can be found inside the campaign_de folder called ‘’. Just copy this zip file onto your desktop, delete the existing campaign_de file, and unzip the old campaign into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\parts\bob\mission\campaign directory.

REDUX and the ‘Open Battlefield’ concept

REDUX campaigns are built on an ‘Open Battlefield’ concept. This means mission events do not center around the player, rather the player is just one part of a dynamic ongoing war. At the time of your mission, other Luftwaffe and British aircraft will be flying and executing their own missions, completely unrelated to yours. While you are flying East to attack Manston, you may see German bombers headed West to attack Tangmere. You may be tasked to execute a straightforward ground attack on a neighbouring British airfield, and see a nice, juicy unescorted RAF bomber flight cross your path shortly after takeoff. On the ground, German and British forces will clash and the front line will be constantly moving from mission to mission.

We do not employ spawn triggers to set up meetings between the player and other friendly or enemy flights. This may be an easy way to guarantee the player some action, but is completely unrealistic. In combat, pilots were assigned precise take off, rendezvous and ingress times and other units and actions depended on their ability to execute to these.

Whether you as a player follow the waypoints assigned in a mission briefing is entirely up to you – if you are flight leader, the route you take is yours to decide, but it will have consequences. In REDUX missions, if you miss an escort rendezvous because of poor navigation or timing, you will miss the rendezvous, and your bombers may get slaughtered. If you are sent to intercept incoming bombers and spend too much time on the deck, or miss a waypoint, you can miss the intercept, and the bombers will get through unscathed. If you do not take the route outlined in your briefing, you may avoid enemy contact – or you may meet a superior RAF force en-route to their own target.

How plausible is the Seelöwe Luftwaffe REDUX campaign storyline?

The original CoD Luftwaffe missions have been extensively reworked, based on the notes from a Royal Military Academy Sandhurst wargame conducted in 1974 to simulate a September 1940 invasion by Germany. (See Readme).

In this exercise, each side (played by actual British and German officers respectively) was based in a command room, and the moves plotted on a scale model of SE England constructed at the School of Infantry. The panel of umpires included Luftwaffe ace Adolf Galland, Admiral Friedrich Ruge, Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris, Rear Admiral Edward Gueritz, General Heinz Trettner and Major General Glyn Gilbert.

The main assumptions were that:

a) the Luftwaffe had not yet won air supremacy;
b) the possible invasion dates were constrained by the weather and tides (for a high water attack); and c) it had taken until late September to assemble the necessary shipping.

One of the clever tactics used by the German planners in this wargame, to secure the success of the initial landings in Britain, was a decoy ‘invasion fleet’ which sailed from Norway toward the North of England. By setting out from Norway with a force of heavy warships escorting merchant ships, and allowing themselves to be spotted on a course for the north of England, the Kriegsmarine convinced the British commanders a ‘pincer’ movement of landings in the north, and south, was underway. The Royal Navy was forced to send the British Home Fleet into the North Sea to try to intercept the decoy fleet, and rely on its more vulnerable destroyer squadrons to intercept the Channel invasion.

The Sandhurst wargame concluded that with good weather, this strategy could have succeeded in allowing the first wave of German troops to get ashore. The storyline for this campaign closely follows the events of the Sandhurst wargame.

In addition to the Sandhurst wargame, this campaign draws on the work of British and German historians and writers such as Peter Fleming, Egbert Keiser, Richard Cox and Derek Robinson, whose analyses provide inspiration for the political back story you will see unfolding in the Seelöwe REDUX campaign.