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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drivable vehicles in a flight sim? WHY?

1C announced this week they are making vehicles drivable in Cliffs of Dover in the next patch. And introducing a new Ju 88 variant. Of course! Introduce a feature no one has asked for, and a new variant to an aircraft virtually no one flies. Seriously. Why do the things people are desperate for in the next patch, like eliminating CTDs in the online game, or fixing the substandard AI routines that make it virtually impossible to be shot down by an AI even flying straight and level. You want to drive a Kubelwagon around an airfield dodging strafing Spitfires? That's why you bought a flight sim? Then you must be in heaven. Or maybe you get shot down, jump in an MG sports outside the Bull n Bear pub, have to drive back to the airfield and wait for a Kite to respawn (a la the tanks in Call of Duty 2) and while you are waiting you jump on a bofors and hope someone flies overhead your position while you are waiting. Give me a freaking break! There is a challenge in all complex projects which is called scope creep. You start out with the very fine and admirable ambition to build a little garden shed for your mower. Along the way, you decide it would be good to have your tools in there too. And why not just extend a bit and put a roof over the extension so you can park under there. The BBQ could probably go on the shed too, and the pot plants, and that firewood you want to keep dry. You run out of money, the roof isn't quite finished, you've got wet tools, a shed full of wet firewoord, and the car is still parked in the street because your BBQ is in the driveway. Cliffs of Dover is a case study in scope creep. And the guys at 1C are all wandering around saying, 'Hey, anyone remember where we left the mower?'


  1. duh. because 1C is in it for the love of sims, not because they want to make money. so they do what they think is fun, not what makes good financial sense! get over it!

    1. Who said anything about money? The point is to fix what is broken before adding more stuff to a broken game. duh. Get over yourself!

  2. So tell me what xactly is broken. It plays well on my i7, 4gb ram, 2gb ati gfx dell, high settings, no stutter or freezes. You prolly have some crap pc from the 90s and can't work out why it won't run. Dont blame the game if ur hardware blows.

  3. How do you drive vehicles now i cant seem to find away please help

  4. At the moment, you can't. This was an idea that 1C floated, showing some work in progress, which enraged players who were shouting for them to fix problems with the aircraft, only to learn they were wasting time and resources with drivable vehicles. Luckily there has been no more discussion of this by the developers.