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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Latest Cliffs of Dover beta patch 1.09

I dont jump into new patches, so here is what I gather from sukhoi and 1C...

RAF aircraft speeds corrected for low alt...RAF can dogfight again. This is a big positive.

Even smoother rendering, fps, no stuttering.

Light clouds are back, but cloud shadows not consistent and objects visible through clouds.

People are having fun with the Su26 and its weird weapons (for them, I recommend War Thunder!). They need to be enabled in FMB tho and there may be a landing taxi issue.

Engine startup issue as described above. Time to warm up engine sufficiently to start Hurricanes - 9 mins! Return of a bug from a previous patch. This is a big backward step.

Couple of report of strange effects from the winder weapons on the Su26, including aircraft seemingly still able to fly despite missing half the airframe after being hit. Apparently this is just a visual gfx issue. Small hits are being displayed as huge ones.

Machines without fuel, or with engines destroyed able to auto taxi to hangars. with many a patch, two steps forward, one back. But they are getting there!

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