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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The CoD MMO debate

A lot of debate about whether I have received and posted wrong information again. This is fair.

But I point out that when I published the CoD hoax press release (which I have now clearly labelled a hoax) Blacksix was online the same day, on both 1C and SimHQ forum to make clear it was a hoax and the sequel was not Battle of Stalingrad.

Now please read his answer to the direct question put to him about the sequel, as a result of the post on this blog:

Originally Posted by furbs
Black6, so you can confirm that the sequel is not a MMO?

Blacksix: I can't comment this.

Originally Posted by Tree_UK
Black Six, can you give us a list of things you can comment on.

Blacksix: Don't ask me about sequel till the announcement.

So why was he instantly able to deny Battle of Stalingrad, but not able to deny the content of my recent conversation with someone I believe to be working with 1C?

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