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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sadly we were right...there is no DCS WWII FW190D

We predicted that the DCS WWII beta FW190D would not be delivered as promised this month and unfortunately that turns out to be the case.

From the Devs latest update:

On the Fw 190D-9 front, we’ve hit a bit of an unexpected barrier. While we have gigabytes of original factory documents on this aircraft, as it turns out, some of the less important systems just don’t have a good enough technical description in any of the sources available to us. It was a lot easier with the P-51 because we had access to a living breathing aircraft and to the men who fly it. With the Dora, we don’t have that luxury.

We have a list of about a dozen questions on things like the circuit breaker panel and the oxygen system and info plates like deviation tables and Baumusterkartes. We need to have one last internal discussion Monday, and then we’ll probably post these publicly. Hopefully someone in the community will have some rare bit of knowledge that we don’t that will allow us to close that final tiny gap in our references.

Crash and burn, the current state of DCS WWII

It doesn't sound like a flyable FW190D is even close to alpha, let alone beta. Also promised for February 2014 was alpha access for backers of 80 USD or more. That aint going to happen either, and no word on when it will.

Strange that the devs choose to communicate with their backers in this way, without telling them upfront about delays. No apology, no 'sorry you paid for something you are not getting', just a 'we are delayed' comment in a general update.

That might be OK for a slight delay, but when you promised a flyable beta in February 2014 and clearly haven't even started on an alpha, it is just plain misinformation.

We are revising our estimated delivery date for the finished DCS WWII project to Q1 2016 (if it arrives at all) based on current lack of progress and general indications of the (usual for Shevchenko projects) apparent lack of project management skills and ability to meet deadlines.

Shevchenko talks in his latest update about the sadness of what is happening in Kiev, and how he hoped to be able to fly there in the near future. Maybe he should spend a little less of his backers money on aviation fuel, and a little more on the project they paid for?

And how long before Eagle Dynamics / DCS steps in and starts looking at how this project and the way it is being managed, is tarnishing their own brand? He is using the DCS name on this project, and so far, it seems that all it has generated, is broken promises and unhappy backers.


  1. Why don't you do something constructive. Who cares bout your ego-driven forecasts?

  2. veryone who backed this project but did not get what they were promised, that is who cares. And we are doing something constructive, by keeping a spotlight on this project. If you care to look you will see a balance of positive and critical posts about this project, so we are not one sided. When it starts to deliver and what it promised, when it promised, the criticism will stop, and more constructive posts will be possible. It is that simple.

  3. I care. I paid $100 a should have had alpha access like I have for Battle of Stalingrad, plus the Fockewulf. I have nothing. But for the same money for Battle of Staligrad I have alpha access, like promised, the IL2, LaGG3, Bf109F...everything going to plan. So I care that there is one new project you can trust, and one which you cannot. I advise everyone unhappy, go to Battle of Stalingrad, you get what you pay for over there. Ciao!

  4. Maybe, but the FM quality control in BoS is just as bad as Rise of Flight.

  5. COme on BoS is an alpha what do you expect? That is substandard criticism. I have at least got something for my money with Stalingrad project, what have I got for DCSWW2 project for same money - NOTHING!!!!!!!

  6. FMs in BoS for the 109 and LagG-3 are finished, as the developers have already told us. They are not alpha.