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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trailer video for Battle for Malta Megapack

Trailer vid for Battle for Malta Megapack for TF Mod 4.01



(If for some reason the video doesn't play for you, try adjusting resolution...)

Readme.txt follows

Announcing the Malta MegaPack for TF Mod 4.01

Research and mission design by Heinkill
REDUX scripting by Bolox and Gabuzomeu
MTO skins from: Waler, AttFish, Wotan, V@s’OK, and Setback

Welcome to the Battle for Malta REDUX campaigns (2) and single mission sets (30 missions)!

This package contains two Battle for Malta REDUX campaigns, one for the Axis (G.50 and Bf109E/4N) and one for the RAF (Hurricane I and Spitfire Ia 100 Oct). It also contains a single mission pack of 30 missions, with a separate briefing and mission objectives for every flyable aircraft in the mission.

The campaigns use the now (in)famous REDUX campaign system, which tracks squadron kills and losses during a dogfight, and keeps a tally of your individual kills throughout the campaign. To stand in for the Med Theatre of Operations, the Malta Megapack puts all the action on the Isle of Wight area of the CoD map, an area most pilots have not flown before.


On June 10 1940 Italian leader Mussolini declared war on Britain and within hours the first bombs fell on Malta.

It was to become the most bombed location in history. More bombs fell on Malta during the seige, than fell on London during the entire Blitz.

Opposing Italy's Regia Aeronautica airforce, were a handful of RAF Gladiators. Within a couple of weeks, the first Hurricanes arrived, 'hijacked' by the Island's air commander on their way to Egypt.

The campaigns start with the arrival of the first two Hurricanes on the island. The first ten missions cover the Italian attacks. The next ten cover the arrival of the Luftwaffe. The final ten missions are based the dramatic convoy in which HMAS Breconshire dashed to resupply a starving Malta, against all odds.

All missions are based on historical records.

TIP: Remember that if you enable aircraft switching in your options, you switch to fly any aircraft in any mission just by switching between them in external view, and hitting Alt-F1.


You have two historically based campaigns in the package, one from the Axis POV and one from the RAF. As an Axis pilot, you aim is to achieve air superiority over Malta to allow an invasion (similar to the Battle of Britain). As an RAF pilot your aim is to defend Malta. The Axis side has superiority in numbers, and in aircraft quality, for most of the campaign. But the RAF has the advantage of fighting over home territory, with AAA fire that increases significantly as the campaign progresses.

The campaigns use the now famous REDUX scripting, by Bolox and Gabuzomeu, which keep a record of your squadron kills and losses during missions, and of your overall kill tally throughout the campaign.

Success in every mission requires both that you score a kill, and put your aircraft down safely (crash landing is allowed). If you fail a mission though, you can either replay the mission or just proceed to the next mission, it is your choice.

If you stray off course or ignore your orders, you will probably bump into some of the other aircraft executing their missions at the same time as you. Do so at your own risk. The waypoints laid out for you are the optimal for ensuring you can achieve your mission objective.


Q. When will it be available, you tease!

A. The Malta Megapack is complete and waiting. When TF Mod 4.01 is released, it will be tested, adjusted if needed and then released.

Q. My landscape still looks like England, not the Med, what have I done wrong?

A. This package is only compatible with TFMod 4.01 or later. Check that you are not using the TF Mod 4.01 with Autumn map (turn trees to 'v low' or 'off'). This campaign uses the Autumn map to simulate the Med, and the Isle of Wight for Malta. Turn trees to ‘v low or off’.

Q. I do not get MTO skins, just the default skins

A. Check that you have the MTO skins installed in the PaintSchemes/Skins folders in the campaign_ma and campaign_mb directories. If not, put them there manually. For good order, copy them to your user directory C:\Users\YOURPCNAME\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\ so that you can also use them in single missions.

Q. Where exactly is my mission target? The mission briefing doesn’t always give exact coordinates.

A. In the mission briefing, check the MAP tab to see your waypoints. Check your inflight map (default key 'M') while you fly and you will also be able to see waypoints. If you enable icons, you will also be able to see some intel on enemy positions eg flak and encampments. These missions are however based on the 'real battlefield' philosophy - if you are late to target, or miss your target area, you may miss the action.

If you fly for RAF, you are up against overwhelming odds – the Axis aircraft will usually find you! If you are flying Axis, the RAF is sometimes harder to find. If you fail to engage, then feel free to go on a strafing run of RAF airfields and other targets.

Q. Malta is a big island, and I have trouble spotting the enemy!

A. TFMod 4.01 has improved flak accuracy. If you see flak, the enemy will be nearby.

Q. That flak is (too) deadly!

A. Tell Team Fusion. It has been adjusted to be more accurate, and you need to treat it with respect.

Q. My target is destroyed and I still have ammunition

A. You can attack other air or ground targets at your discretion. Malta is a target rich environment both for the Regia Aeronautica and Luftwaffe, and RAF pilots can sojourn to Sicily (north) to raid the Luftwaffe and Italian airfields.

Q. Where do Regia Aeronautica and Luftwaffe aircraft land?

A. 'Sicily' - two airbases have been created to the Northeast of 'Malta' to represent Trapani (Tangmere) and Catania (Ford) airfields. These should be clearly visible on your inflight map (Tangmere and Ford).

Because of a bug in the CoD AI you will not be able to order your flight to land. They will usually land in order of the last aircraft first, with your own aircraft landing last. You should order them to 'far' spacing, wait for them to land automatically, and then just land yourself.

Q. The British names on the map confuse me…is this really Malta?

A. Of course See maps of the Malta theatre below.

The Malta theatre

Egypt and Alexandria

Tripoli and Libya



Look for the folder on your PC where you have your MOD system files for the campaigns:

..\Steam\SteamApps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\parts\bob\mission\campaign

there you will find a file named campaigns.ini - open it in a editor, normally you will find something like this:





folder campaign_gb

title Cliffs Of Dover

image Poster.bmp


folder campaign_de

title Adler Angriff

image Poster.bmp

In your Malta download, you will find two new campaign folders 'campaign_ma' (the axis campaign) and 'campaign_mb' (the RAF campaign), copy these to ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\parts\bob\mission\campaign

then add these bolded lines to your campaigns.ini file eg:







folder campaign_gb

title Cliffs Of Dover

image Poster.bmp


folder campaign_de

title Adler Angriff

image Poster.bmp

folder campaign_ma
title Battle for Malta Axis REDUX
image Poster.bmp

folder campaign_mb
title Battle for Malta RAF REDUX
image Poster.bmp

(or use the campaign.ini file provided)

Save the campaign.ini file.

Finally you will need to add a folder for each of the campaigns to the directory where you keep your USER files (this is what the REDUX script uses to keep score)

Go to C:\Users\YOURPCNAME\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\mission\campaign

And add to this directory two empty folders called


Attention - after an Update or Game Intentigrity Check these files will be overwritten, so you should make a backup.

Now you are set!

I have included a sample ‘campaigns.ini’ file in the download. You should only use it if you haven’t added any other campaigns to your Mod.

(*For instructions on how to install the single missions, see the readme inside the single missions folder in your download. This download also includes the third party campaign installer tool by The Enlightened Florist. Try it if you like. It automates some of the work of installing campaigns.)

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