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Thursday, February 20, 2014

'Most Wanted' improvement to Cliffs of Dover

A poll on the ATAG forum about which feature in the upcoming 4.2 patch is most wanted, shows that most players just want the bugs in the 4.0 patch fixed!

Top of the list was a fix for the 'lawndarts bug' introduced in patch 4.0, which caused AI aircraft which were in a dive, to bury themselves into the ground 9 times out of ten. The main reason the 4.2 patch has taken so long to release (several months now) according to Team Fusion, is because all of the AI flight models had to be recoded to overcome the issue and the work + testing is taking much longer than expected.

Next most sought after are new ground handling dynamics and revised (hopefully LESS deadly) AI gunner accuracy.

Surprisingly, 'mannable flak guns' in online play also polled well, indicating vulching is alive and well on the CoD servers and players can't wait for a bit of Bofors Revenge.

Poll Results: The most soughtafter 4.2 features are...

81. You have already voted on this poll

Single player lawndart fix 22.22%

New ground handling dynamics 14.81%

New coastal features and buildings 8.64%

Updated reflections, bump mapping 4.94%

Revised AI bomber gunner accuracy 13.58%

Revised tracer and particle effects to help FPS 8.64%

Mannable flak guns 9.88%

Animated pilot and revised bailout animation 6.17%

Revised AAA accuracy 11.11%

Corrected ammo lights in 109s 00%


  1. I'd like the ability to exit a plane on the ground, run up to another, and jump in. Problem is, most planes on the ground at airfields are already non-flyable decorations.

  2. Ok it is time for team fusion get your finger out of your anus and fix the damn mod.