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Thursday, February 20, 2014

DCS World FW190D due this month?

Our very confident prediction? You won't see it.

When Ilya Shevchenko ran a Kickstarter project to raise money for his new DCS WWII project he promised a lot of 'awards' to backers.

Among them was this one, for people throwing in $85 or more

DCS World Tier 2. Everything at the $50 level, plus a digital copy of DCS World FW-190D-9 with beta access (when available in early 2014).
Estimated delivery: Feb 2014

If you were one of those backers, you might be excitedly sitting at your PC hitting F5 on the project update website every day now, hoping to get a key to download the new flyable FW190 Dora you were promised.

Unfortunately, experience would suggest you are wasting your time. There has been nothing shown in the project updates from WIP on this aircraft - neither 3D models, or cockpit graphics, let alone shots of it in flight in beta stage (just a screenshot of a manual).

And for months now, backers of the project have been complaining that they did not get keys for the P-51D promised last year. See the latest in a long line of unanswered posts here:

  1. 13518_thumb2.small

    AirHog71 about 14 hours ago

    Hi IIya ... what's happening with the below? If it's going to be delayed then that's fine, but I think we need to be kept informed.
    Alpha Access to DCS WWII (available Feb 2014)
    Copy of DCS World: P-51D Mustang (available Oct 2013)
    SPECIAL: Copy of DCS World: FW.190D-9 (available Feb 2014). ONLY AVAILABLE WITH THE $80 PLEDGE OR HIGHER.
  2. Missing_small

    Matthew Hill 3 days ago

    How do we go about getting the P51 key for DCS world if not received yet?
  3. Missing_small

    Chance 5 days ago

    Has anyone received any communication about the rewards? It has been 4 months now.
  4. Missing_small

    Alfredo Croci on Feb 12

    Very nice all this....
    But when approximately will be seeing the game completed?
  5. Missing_small

    Chivas on Feb 10

    I received my P51 Key, soon after Kickstarter closed. Luthier has been giving regular updates, BUT it is concerning that Luthier hasn't bothered to address peoples concerns with the rewards. Another concern is the cryptic post my one of their terrain artists regarding some sort of lack of support there. Luthier should find a good communicator quickly to shore up the sims flagging support. You'll gain some of that support back with a good product, but you don't want the forums spammed with discontent, that the last unfinished product garnered.
  6. Missing_small

    Bodhi Stone on Feb 9

    Hi Ilya,
    Some of your backers are still waiting for their DCS World P-51 keys.

You can read the full trail of woe here:

Not only has the website comments section been overflowing with unhappy backers who claim to have not received what they were promised, but there has been no communication from the devs to address these complaints for several months.

Which is a mystery, because someone (Ilya Shevchenko supposedly) is posting project updates on the website right beside the comments. See the latest here: 

So what the heck is going on? Some people claim to have received their P-51 key and many claim they have not. There is little confidence the promised FW190D will be delivered, despite requests on the same website for devs to confirm a delivery date. Yet Shevchenko, the developer, is happily posting updates about writing manuals for the aircraft (though admittedly, not many updates of actual work ín progress on the sim).

Hmmmm...if the promised FW190D does not appear this month, or at least the devs provide an updated delivery time for it, we can only conclude, there is something very rotten happening with DCS WWII.


  1. I have not my key received for the Mustang. Many email have been sent and 1 response but not the key, and no response for 6 weeks. Has this project taken money and run for a Moscow night club?

  2. I can't believe people's gullibility. The guy related to the disaster of Clod and the failure of the followup (BoM) that was promised which would magically fix Clod, appears in a video like a mafia boss begging for your money so he can launch yet another project. I said it then and I will say it again, those crooks will never get a another cent from me. Has anyone not read the 1c forums the past few years?