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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DCS WWII Jan update: a screenshot of---a manual

From the Devs desk...he's working on...a user manual (say what?):
On the development front, the Me.262 cockpit shown last week has had the last few kinks straightened out and is considered finished. Just waiting for the flight dynamics programmers, currently hard at work o the Bf.109K, to finish that plane and get on the 262.

The P-47 is also nearly there. The cockpit is virtually ready, while the external model is a bit farther along. The general pipeline for this project is a bit strange. Our cockpits are built a lot faster than our external models, and the programming time that comes after the 3D models are complete is even longer.

The order in which the planes will be completed is as follows. The FW.190D-9, in the development of which our team is also taking part, will be completed first (no ETA, not up to me too announce). The Bf.109K-4 will come next. Then the P-47. Then the Me.262. Then the Spitfire. The plan is still to release these piece-meal to all alpha-access backers as they are being done.

The landscape is also moving along. The most important part of the process is engine integration, that is, getting the DCS aircraft to fly over the new terrain, and all the other objects, vehicles, ships, and so on, to properly interact with it. This task is in late testing stages, and in the meantime creating the landscape itself has slowed down a bit. Once that task is complete, we’re going to dump an entire large team onto landscape creation, and will be looking at an alpha of a Normandy chunk in a matter of weeks.

As for myself, well, I have been doing a whole lot of writing and graphic design, and brushing up on my German as well. I’ll just show a single screenshot for now.

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