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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Team Fusion hotfix 4.01 unofficial update

Still no news on exactly when the much needed update to the busted 4.0 mod for Cliffs of Dover will actually be released. Clearly they are taking no chances that this release is as buggy as the last, which can only be a good thing!

From Team Fusion's RAFBuzzsaw:

Just to let people know, we will be releasing TF 4.01 in the near future, and that release will include a complete revision of the ground handling, and takeoff/landing modeling.  This will include more accurate ground Centers of Gravity, spring stiffness, oleo leg characteristics for the different types, as well as enhanced propwash effects.  This will coincide with the implementation of more of the game's very complex layered wind modeling on the servers, to provide a more challenging landing and takeoff experience.

TF 4.01 will also include a fix for the 'lawndarting' issue with AI, although a complete revision of AI behaviour is going to have to wait till TF 5.0, as it is quite a considerable undertaking.

There will also be quite a number of other revisions to graphics and FM's, with a special focus on bombers and attack aircraft, all of which you will be able to find on our updates thread tomorrow.  (Friday 17th)

We do expect to continue to improve the game, and hope it can be one of a strong trilogy of games available for Flight Sim enjoyment, CoD, BoS and DCS.  :salute:

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