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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Team Fusion 4 Jan update: no bug fix yet

Nice update from Team Fusion on work in progress on their Cliffs of Dover modding efforts.

But if, like us, you are patiently (or impatiently) waiting for them to fix the bugs in their last update, don't hold your breath! The news is that the 4.01 hotfix is not ready for release yet because they are working on...wait for it...not the bug fixes, but adding better ground handling behaviour to the sim. Because, let's face it, the forums have been flooded with people complaining about the current ground handling.

Or, not?

Oh well, we are never ones to complain about the work of volunteers. Whatever keeps you motivated boys! Here is the update:


So now we start the New Year and behind the Team Fusion doors, many advances and improvements have and are being made. The new theatre is progressing well as are the objects and new aircraft and it's amazing to see how talented the members in our small team really are. As of yet, we are still not prepared to announce the Theatre or new aircraft/variants/flyables as there is still some work to be done that is crucial to their success, currently that's being worked on and is the final stepping stone in moving forward and us progressing much more efficiently 

Please appreciate that the last two-weeks have been, as they have for many, a time where we take the Christmas break and relax. I know, everyone wants us working non-stop...but blimey, we just took some 'chill out' time.

That said, some of our members didn't! We are very keen to get v4.01 out to the Community and there has been a lot of work ongoing to fix bugs brought on by v4.00 and also new features that are to be included. Yes, not only have we been fixing bugs, but also adding even more features. In the next week I hope to have more details about the new features but I feel happy in saying that take-off and landing will be much more realistic than before with a complete revision of the ground handling. More details will be released soon, but behind TF doors, many aircraft have been lost on the digital runways in an effort to bring this feature to you... 

As always, it's difficult to show you what has been done because so much of it is in the coding and inside the engine than is easy to visibly represent. Hopefully as we get nearer to finishing testing, v4.01 will be online very soon....but as this will most likely be the last release before v5.00 (many months off), we want to make sure it is as complete as we possibly can before it goes live. 

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