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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Old vs New, could you survive?

by Fred 'Heinkill' Williams

As a lad who dreamed of flying fighters, I had this recurring daydream where I was thrown back in time in my WWII fighter, and had to do battle with the (then cold war era) jets of modern times.

And of course, by sheer awesome pilotage and deadeye shooting, I would win. Spinning my Hurricane/Spitfire/Mustang on its wingtip to avoid incoming missiles and fill my opponents full of .50 cal or .303 lead.

Then DCS gave me the chance to see if I could at least do it in the DCS world, when they put a P-51 into their cold war era sim.

The answer?

Uh, nope.


For my first attempt I took to the skies in this...

Against this...

Yes, it might have missiles, I reckoned, but the Frogfoot was no dogfighter. I would spin away from those missiles, pirhouette onto its tail, and perforate its hide with my .50s.

I didn't even see it coming. A black dot, a swooshing noise, and every merge looked like this.

Round 2

You can't fight what you can't see! Even with all the HUD cheats enabled in the Mustang, I got swatted.

So, I figured I needed to even the odds a little. How about taking on a heavily armed/armoured, but at least slower moving, Soviet chopper? Easy odds right?

At least I could see it (up close)! I would do a bit of BnZ, a bit of Up and Under, and finish him off with a little slashing dash.

Bu the result was no better. I think I actually got a few hits, but its hide was too thick for my .50s to do anything except sting, while all he had to do was stand his machine on its nose as I pulled away and those autocannons really give a virtual Mustang pilot a fearsome blow to the pride...

So much for daydreams.

Can't wait until DCS WWII gives me a Spit IX to try it in though. I am sure it will be a totally different ballgame!

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