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Friday, November 29, 2013

BOBGAMEHUB no longer covers IL2 Battle Stalingrad

Our apologies, all posts and information related to IL2 Battle of Stalingrad have been removed and this blog will no longer provide any news related to this project.

We direct our readers to the independent SimHQ website for unbiased/uncensored information about BoS.

We point out to our readers that the official developers website forums of 777/1C Studios are heavily moderated and any critical posts or threads on these forums are deleted or censored by the developers. You should not expect fair or balanced views on the sim from the developers own website.


  1. It was not an easy decision for us. But as our blog was listed by the BoS developers on its 'known haters' list, unfairly in our opinion, we decided this group of developers does not deserve the publicity for their project that this blog can provide. Most posts on this blog about the project were, contrary to BoS developers opinions, neutral or positive about the project, so their decision to list this blog as a 'hater' was simply stupid and has the consequence that we will no longer cover news about the project. Sorry, but stupidity like that has consequences.

  2. I support this. Thy must learn you abuse your foundrs with this shit and they will leave you.

  3. Good for you. Jason and crew have always deleted any criticisms of their game, yet allow all the vitriol spewing of any other flight sim that makes their look better. The BoS forum is so filled with hate and fanboyism it's hard to even look at it. It's almost disgusting.

    It's plain as day to see how many customers they have lost with ROF and their attitude towards their paying customers by acting like children.

    Thank you for your service with simhq, your missions, and your reviews. You have taken the right approach. Bite the hand that feeds and soon enough that hand is gone.

  4. Is there a link for that "hater" thread? That is pretty funny.