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Friday, November 29, 2013

BoB Developers group looking at a Malta map?

Rumours emerged this week that members of the BoB Developers Group, responsible for updates to the BOB II Wings of Victory sim, are looking to restart work on a Malta map and landscape.

Work on a Malta map was begun several years ago and a working map with simple textures was created but not progressed.

Could there be a race now between the BOBII BDG and Cliffs of Dover's Team Fusion to see who can be the first to come with a fully fledged Malta/Mediterranean map?

It would require that either team could show they are able to import both new maps, and new aircraft (1941 and 1942 variants of the major combatants) into their games.

The BDG would appear to have the best chance, as they have access to the Wings of Victory source code, thanks to cooperation from the developers, A2A, while Team Fusion has yet to secure that sort of collaboration from 1C.

Real Merlins over Malta in 2011...will they fly again in BOBII?

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