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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Screenshots: WiP on Team Fusion update 5.0

They still need to fix a few unexpected side effects of their work in update 4.0 to Cliffs of Dover but that doesn't deter the creativity of Team Fusion when it comes to bringing new objects and maps into the game for update 5.0. That work is accelerating and they showcased some of the work in a recent update at the ATAG forums.

On show were subs, battleships and tweaks to their Autumn maps. Bets so far have been that the team is working on maps and objects for the Mediterranean theatre, and on show in this update was the HMS Rodney (which can double for HMS Nelson for those who want to use it in an Atlantic scenario) and uBoats in Med camouflage.

Missing? Well if you were hoping to see new aircraft in the game in the immediate future, you may be disappointed. There were no new kites on show. The team has been able to create variants and change the loadouts on existing airframes but have yet to show any work underway on putting new aircraft into the game, even at an AI/bot level. But this is one of the biggest challenges for modders working without access to the source code, so naturally will take longer.

HMS Rodney/Nelson? Clearly the future lies in the Med for Team Fusion...
File:HMS Nelson during gunnery trials.jpg
German subs...nice new targets

But maybe that Battleship is the HMS Nelson and we are looking at the Atlantic?
File:HMS Rodney after refitting at Liverpool.jpg
And what is the vessel here in the foreground? Single turrets up front and back, just two guns...a pocket cruiser? And whose? These look German to me...

Time will tell. If you know, leave comment!


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