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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Battle for Malta mission pack 2 released: mission pack 3 preview!

Valeriy Kucheraviy (V@sOK) and Fred Williams (Heinkill) have released the next chapter in their Cliffs of Dover mod, Battle for Malta.

The Luftwaffe arrives!

This now takes the Malta Mod to 20 missions, covering both the Italian attack, and now the arrival (then departure) of the Luftwaffe in early 1940.

You will be able to either fly for the RAF, defending against the Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica, or the Luftwaffe, as part of Fliegerkorps X attempt to destroy the RAF as a prelude to invasion.

All missions are of course based on historical events of Jan to May 1941.

Screenies from Chapter 2

261 Sq Hal Far

7/JG27 takes off from Catania

Malta convoy en route to Grand Harbour

On patrol for torpedo boats

JG27 engages

StG 2 convoy attack

JG27 on a sweep out of Sicily

Flak bite

Strafing run, Takali

Scramble under fire

LG1 on target approach

Precious fuel explodes

Flak strike

StG 1 over Grand Harbour


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