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Friday, November 8, 2013

Team Fusion already working on hotfix to patch 4.0 to Cliffs of Dover

It is only a couple of weeks old but Team Fusion is already working on a hotfix to their latest patch of Cliffs of Dover.

Welcomed by most players, the new patch brought some new objects and features, better GFX performance and flight models, especially for online play.

But it wasn't a completely smooth release and a few small bugs crept into the code. TF counsels patience with these:

It does not make any sense for us to release multiple patches over a short time... it just confuses installs for newer players, and makes for much more work for all of us in TF.

I understand your concern about the Merlin overheat, but there are also many other issues which players are concerned about, as for example AI behaviour, the fact the AAA guns cannot be manned, etc. etc.

So we will wait till we have all the issues addressed and then release the fixes together.

To be hoped these fixes aren't delayed until patch 5.0 though, some of them are real fun killers, like the AI problem which makes single player missions unplayable in patch 4.0 

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