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Friday, November 29, 2013

DCC WWII Bf109 cockpit

DCS WWII is shaping up to be the future WWII sim to beat, if we can judge by the early screenshots and news being released.


Unlike competitors, it will feature highly sought after USA aircraft types like the P-51D and P-47C. Also, unlike competitors, it is being launched on a proven sim platform (DCS World) but with enhanced graphics.

DCS Eagle Dynamics has a fanatical obsession with modelling in minute and accurate detail, its flyable aircraft, as evidenced in the DCS P-51 and its many modern era aircraft releases.

Behind the project are the two names which brough the legendary IL2 sim series to life: Ilya Shevchenko and Oleg Maddox, a further guarantee of obsessional attention to detail and accuracy.

Finally, the fan base is already there, as could be seen in the success of a recent Kickstarter fundraising project which easily met its fundraising goal earlier this year.

Now the devs are showing pictures of the finished Bf109 cockpit.


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