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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Team Fusion patch 4.0 released

One of the beautiful Roen911 screen backgrounds from the patch

The Team Fusion patch 4.0 for Cliffs of Dover is now available and is being generally well received.

I will do a full review when it finishes downloading! Both Torrents and Download sites are either very busy, or very slow because it is only a 5GB download.

Here is the abbreviated readme:


* Historical markings for all marks of bf 109.

* Removed the black line under the nose bulbs on all marks of bf-109

* Corrected 109 gauges

* Full size Revi C12/C & /D in German aircraft

* Corrected light switch position in german aircraft

* Corrected RPM gauge in Bf 110

* Added NJG 1 (Bf110) with skins

* Corrected Hurricane cockpit lighting

* 'Cleaned' windscreen of Hurricane NF version

* Increased the intensity of the revi sight reticle at daytime

* Removed the blue revi sight reticle when sight turned off

* Added aircraft: flyable and non flyable

* Added the possibility to display any picture of choice to the cockpit dashboard

* Added Blenheim and BR.20 autopilot


* FM adjustments: high speed maneuver, low speed roll rates and overheating characteristics.

* Stall characteristics adjusted for Bf 109, Spitfire, Hurricane and Bf 110.

Image by Roen911


*Changed background pictures, used with kind permission of rOEN911. Full credit belongs to rOEN911. His work can be seen on his DeviantArt, here:

* Added Teamspeak interface to the in-game windows.

* Added two new configurable keys to zoom in and out. These keys are under the "Camera" menu in the options.

* Added driveable tanks and artillery. This is a BIG WIP but we decided to let you in on the fun. (Note: Not all tank models and artillery are driveable and AAA guns cannot be manned)

* Clouds blend into view instead of "popping up"

* Clouds no longer cause whiteout when flying through them at night

* Contrails now have the same colour as the high clouds

* Removed the "white puffs" from tracks

* Removed a bug causing sun whiteout on inside of spitfire cockpit glass

* Lowered the "leakage" of the revi sight and other light sources inside the cockpit

* Optimised code for clouds, fire, explosions, water splash and smoke for less FPS drop when close

* Explosions and fires are made more emissive at night

* Runway lights no longer shine though the cockpit

* Searchlights are re-introduced but we still have a bug left that makes them only work for the first mission per session

* The moon no longer looks like a light bulb

* Night time now desaturates the aircraft and terrain

* Made the water slightly more reflective

* Improved spotting of mid-distant aircraft

* Increased the effect of exhaust flames

* Rebalanced building light levels

* Corrected available ammunition for German 20mm MG FF and MG FF/M to match historical records

* Various corrections to incorrect ballistic properties

* Tracer visuals more realistically sized

* Various tweaks and corrections to tracer and smoke spiral look

* Change to "DeWilde" properties

* Removed shadows from explosions and smoke

* Tweaked hit effects from incendiary and HE rounds

* New and much more realistic looking aircraft reflection

* Fixed a bug causing the sirens of the Ju87 and spinners of the Blenheim to turn into a square

*Changed bomb sounds

*Changed artillery/tank impact sounds

*Changed bullet impact sounds

*Changed plane impact sounds

*Changed ground rolling interior sounds

*Changed interior bullet/flak impact sounds

*Changed train explosion sound

*Changed interior wind sounds

Image by Roen911

================================================== ====

* Enabled czech localization.

To turn on Czech language, add "GameLanguage=Czech" to the "MOD" section in the confuser.ini.

Should the MOD section not exist, Simply copy and paste these lines to the bottom of the file.




================================================== ====

* Clouds drawing distance has been increased 3x

Note: To enable extended clouds distance, add "ExtendCloudsDistance=yes" under the "[MOD]" section on the "confuser.ini" file.






================================================== ====


* Maps re-textured, LOD, lighting and colors reworked

New Missions

* 2 QMB night missions added.


* Historical markings for all marks of the bf 109.

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