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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Want to get a head start on DCS WWII?

You can get a feel for the sim already - no need to wait.

Just download the DCS World platform (the sim is free and you get the excellent Su25 and campaign free).

Then buy the excellent P-51D module. As a standalone aircraft it is a little overpriced at 39.99 USD but it is frequently on sale at a lower price so keep an eye out for sales.

This machine will be flyable in the DCS WWII game, and for premium package backers comes with the game.

For many DCS WWII pilots this will be your warbird of choice so the more you fly it now, the better a pilot you will be when the sim is launched!

You can either fly this machine online against other P-51 pilots (numbers have increased recently since the DCS WWII title was announced) or against an AI FW 190 which offers a decent practice opponent.

See a video clip of a 1-1 dogfight here:

So what are you waiting for? DCS WWII (at least part of it) is already here!

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