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Monday, October 21, 2013

BOBII work in progress

A small update on what that group of Battle of Britain obsessives, the BoB Developers Group, is currently working on for the next update for this venerable but evergreen sim.

The focus has been on further increasing the unparalleled historical accuracy of the sim.

Example 1: placement of AAA sites. 'Stickman' has been counting, correcting and placing AAA sites all over the operational area, based on historical records researched in minute detail: one example here.


So the flak you experience flying over SE England in the game, is as real a representation of what German pilots saw, as you can possibly get.

At the same time, the team has been working to adjust coastlines and place buildings for numerous locations to reflect historical maps and records.

Example: Farborough RAE factory site before


And after


The team learned there were actually 63 buildings at this site, and using historical records, placed them and populated the site appropriately so that as a Luftwaffe pilot if you attack Farnborough, you are attacking a much bigger target, with a lower chance of total destruction than previously.

The same precision is being applied to coastlines, ports and other key features.

Finally there has been a lot of work on fine tuning escort behaviour to enable the game commander AI to better manage the use of escorts.


The aim for the next patch is that within a margin of random error, escorts meet up with their bombers, and react proportionately when they are engaged by the RAF.

There is more work planned, and on the wishlist, and the team is always looking for volunteers, especially coders, to help.

For example, the game will currently not run under Windows 8. Help is urgently needed to solve that issue!

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