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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fixes for running BoBII under WIndows 8

BoBII players who have updated to Win 8, or bought a machine with it pre installed, have been gnashing their teeth as the game seemingly won't run using the usual workarounds and emulation modes.

A couple of kludges which you may be able to use have emerged however. One, or a combination of these, may get you flying!

.net fix

BoBII uses .net 3.5 but by default this is turned off in the windows control panel, in favour of .net 4.5. Go into the control panel>programs>windows programs and enable .net 3.5

emulation mode

If you right click on your BoBII desktrop shortcut and click Properties, you will see a Compatibility tab. Logic would tell you that if BoBII doesnt run under Win8, but it did run under Win7, you should choose Win7 compatibility mode right?

Wrong. The compatibility mode which works best for BoBII is actually Win98. Choosing this, and adjusting the game resolution and refresh rate to find the sweet spot, may get you flying again.

CPU cores

Win8 doesn't manage CPU core usage very well for older games which were born in the single CPU era. Try running BOBII on a single core. Here is how to switch cores on and off.

Good luck, and post here if you have other tips!

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  1. I have a tip - time to try another game! Serious that game is from 200? what, is it even this century. War Thunder baby is where it is at.