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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Cliffs of Dover 'sequel' (BoS) will have MMO elements

The CoD sequel will have many elements taken from the popular MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) gameplay model from games such as World of Tanks and War Thunder.

From 1C/777:

Q. Will BOS be classified as an MMO?
A. No, BOS will include both SP and MP game-play options but giving some new unique experiences. We know flight-simmers enjoy both types of game-play.
Therefore 1C/777 are not ruling out large scale multiplayer game-play options (previously 128 player multiplay has been mentioned), but this will not be the only gameplay option. Great news for single player fans . . . as long as the devs address Rise of Flight player concerns about the AI in that game.


The devs have announced the game will have a huge number of elements which are ripped straight out of the MMO playbook:

- experience points will be awarded to players for kills and completed missions
- the great the realism settings, the more points will be awarded
- points can be swapped for aircraft 'powerups' such as better armour, or stronger weapons

They say the powerups will not be historically inaccurate (ie these will be field mods which were available to pilots of the VVS or Luftwaffe of the time) and will not be without their disadvantages eg more armour will result in poorer handling, bigger cannon in slower firing rate etc.

There is also confusion around whether the powerups can be purchased, or can only be paid for through the XP points system, leading to fear of a 'pay to win' model in which players can buy more armour and bigger weapons to help them win online.

Time will tell.


  1. So this is funny. Either you are being hoaxed again, or this is true. And guess what, there was a big discussion about your post on the 1C Forum, and NO REACTION at all from the 1C developers to the discussion but guess what, they LOCKED THE THREAD. This tells me your 'source' is pretty close to the truth.

  2. Or as most hoped/assumed its a load of BS

  3. I think B6 is referring to the earlier hoax press release, not this information, but if you are right, I'll happily take it down

  4. Yes later B6 was asked direct question: IS THE SEQUEL AN MMO and he said NO COMMENT

    That is to me a big ugly YES.

  5. And then the Oleg left, and the whole project went bankrupt...and what was left was sold to 777, became Battle of Stalingrad, not Moscow, and the rest is history.