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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Remembering: Project Galba

Five years ago a new Korea era sim project was announced: Project Galba.

Korean war sims are thin on the ground, so the project raised a lot of excitement. It was to be based on the IL2 engine and feature all your favourite Korean War era kites: Douglas AD4D, F82 Twin Mustang, Mig 15, P-51...

Unfortunately, when Cliffs of Dover tanked, Project Galba died with it.

On the topic of project Galba, IL2 developer Oleg Maddox recently said: Korea was actually half-way done for IL-2, and then scrapped for the Cliffs of Dover engine. There was a tremendous amount of research done for it, and a large collection of references, 3D models and other work is still gathering dust on Ilya’s hard drive. I know he’s still very sad because all that work went to nothing. Unfortunately, as it is today, most of the art done for the Korean project way back then is hopelessly obsolete, so it would not be usable in today’s world. We briefly considered doing a DCS project around it, but it’s just not up to the same standards. We’d have to redo it from scratch.
A very sad story.

And the mastermind behind the ill fated 'Project Galba"?

None other the DCS WWII developer Ilya Shevchenko. Let's hope he has better luck this time!

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