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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Malta Megapack for TF Mod version 4.3

Malta Megapack for Cliffs of Dover TF Mod v4.3 is available now:

Research and mission design by Heinkill
REDUX style campaign scripting by Bolox and Gabuzomeu
MTO skins from: Waler, AttFish, Wotan, V@s’OK, and Setback

Welcome to the Battle for Malta REDUX Megapack!

Fully TF Mod 4.2/4.3 compatible.

This package contains two Battle for Malta campaigns, one for the Axis (G.50 and Bf109E/4N) and one for the RAF (Hurricane I and Spitfire Ia 100 Oct). It also contains a single mission pack of 30 missions, with a separate briefing and mission objectives for every flyable aircraft in the mission.


On June 10 1940 Italian leader Mussolini declared war on Britain and within hours the first bombs fell on Malta.

It was to become the most bombed location in history. More bombs fell on Malta during the seige, than fell on London during the entire Blitz.

Opposing Italy's Regia Aeronautica airforce, were a handful of RAF Gladiators. Within a couple of weeks, the first Hurricanes arrived, 'hijacked' by the Island's air commander on their way to Egypt. Within months, the Luftwaffe appeared over the island too.

The campaigns start with the arrival of the first two Hurricanes on the island. The first ten missions cover the Italian attacks. The next ten cover the arrival of the Luftwaffe. The final ten missions are based the dramatic convoy in which HMS Breconshire dashed to resupply Malta, against all odds.

All missions are based on historical records.

You can download the separate components here:


  1. Considering that TF4.2/3 is not out yet I guess Heinkill is on the TF team and has been able to test it.

  2. Heinkill is not member team fusion, but is very good informed ;)

  3. The screens of the files are fuzzy,not sure how to put in,can you make a video.Thks

    1. Hi sorry don't have time for that, but if you need help on how to install user made campaigns I suggest you go to the ATAG or SIMHQ Cliffs of Dover forums, people there are very friendly and willing to help you through the process.

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