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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Latest Cliffs of Dover add-ons

New: George Buerling's Blue Malta Hurricane, from Setback

It has been a busy time for uploads at and ATAG in the last month, proving that there is still a very active community engaged with this sim.

Among the gems...

New Spitfire skins from Setback: 

Post Battle of Britain Campaign, by Bolox (skins by Checkmysix)

This 30 mission campaign has you flying for 501 Squadron RAF in Hurricanes in a branching campaign (mission success or failure determines what missions you fly) with REDUX style campaign scripting.

And because it is from Bolox, you know it will be good!

And finally

MTO Skins

A selection of great Afrika and MTO skins from Waler, Attfish, Wotan, V@sOK and Setback. Essential for the Malta Campaign and North Africa missions.

For more skins, such as those below, just search Airwarfare for the prolific skinner 'Setback'.

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