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Friday, December 27, 2013

Mission Editor for Battle of Britain 2!

What? You didn't know one existed?

This BoB Developer Group tool has not previously been widely promoted to the public. It makes it easy to create your own missions, by using the existing instant action missions as a template for new missions. You just need to adjust the number, type and other details of the main combatants, save and fly.

This is the mission editor that was used to create the much downloaded Whirlybird Megapack of BOBII missions, containing more than 200 sorties in missions covering Battle of France, Operation Sealion, Alan Deere and Aces of the BoB.

You can get it right here:

And if you don't have the Whirlybird Megapack for BOBII, you can get that here too.


This editor allows users to edit the so called quick.dat file which contains a big
part of the instant action missions, for example you can add missions, change the
description, category and name, number of planes and "groups" of planes etc.

Manual installation:

Put it in the main game directory of Battle of Britain 2.

Make sure to make a backup of the quick.dat which is located
in the Battle of Britain2\BFIELDS folder. It's easy to do a mistake
with the tool, and that might lead to a game crash.

If you use the autoinstaller, it will make a copy of the quick.dat file for you.

Using the installer:

The installer should guide you through the installation process.

How it works:

When you have made a backup of the quick.dat in BFIELDS dir (note, if you used the installer, it automatically did that for you), you can start the editor from the main game dir.

When you are inside the program, the first thing you need to do is to select a mission. These missions are the ones you can also find inside the "Quick missions" in the game, and these are the ones we will modify or even
create new ones of.

Now let's take a look on the main dialog which holds the 3 tabbed sub dialogs.

On the top part, you can define which side you want to play as, the weather and
the time for the selected mission.

Then we have a simple menu bar, from here you can save, just exit, save & run, check the readme etc.

Below that, we have 3 sub dialogs. Main, Edit units and Edit Description.

Finally we have two buttons. Save & exit, and just Exit.

All pretty self explanatory.

So what are you waiting for? Get mission-making!

Known bugs

On some PC systems, the mission editor can be a little unstable, so just save your work every time you make a change, if you experience that the app is unstable in your environment.

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