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Friday, December 27, 2013

From the BOBGAMEHUB mission vault...

December Cliffs of Dover mission feature: Operation Sealion Mission Packs

What if Germany had invaded Britain in September of 1940 after all?

This mission pack recreates the invasion of England, using the findings of a 1972 Royal Military Academy wargame conducted using surviving senior commanders of the Luftwaffe, RAF, Kriegsmarine, Wehrmacht and British High Command.

It features air warfare on a narrow front over a shifting front line driven by epic land battles which take place underneath you during each mission. 

The series starts the day before the start of Operation Sealion - Sealion Day (S-tag) minus 1. A series of Single Missions, each containing several individual sorties for both RAF and LW, each with their own briefings, primary and secondary objectives and individual challenges. 

It has been compiled into two campaign sets (RAF or LW perspective)

Full set, Missions 1-28 (up to Invasion Day 10): 

Sealion RAF Point of View:
Sealion LW Point of View:

Get both at

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