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Monday, December 23, 2013

What's new at and Mission4Today?

It's yule time, the kids are off playing with their new Superhero Action Figure with the Kung Fu grip, your wife is in town exchanging the gift you thoughtfully bought her one size too small (tip for learners, never buy clothes in your wife's actual size) and my goodness, you have a little SIMTIME to yourself!
How should you spend that precious coin?

Here are a few of the gems that have appeared lately on the free to download user content sites for sims like BOBII, Cliffs of Dover and IL2...

For Cliffs of Dover

While of course we recommend the Malta Mod to transform your 1940s Britain sim into a fully fledged Med theatre conflict, there is other content out there.

Try the 'Winter and Autumn missions' for the Team Fusion mod v 4.0.

These three missions use the new winter and autumn maps that shipped with TF4.0 and enable you to fly Axis or RAF aircraft in combat missions over the snowy or dusky landscape of France in winter/autumn 1941. Based on real combat events.


Many people do not realise a new aircraft, with complex flight model, is available for BOBII - the Tiger Moth.

First released as a beta in 2010, you can download it now with final flight model and a challenging mission pack which replicates the Ab Initio training RAF pilots underwent before being set loose in Hurricanes and Spitfires. In addition to flying around the BOBII world in a faithful modelled trainer, the module ships with an exciting mission set, based on Special Operations activities over France and the Channel Islands in 1940.

Fly recon missions, pick up SOE agents, evade enemy fighter attacks, or try to identify enemy installations in France in your Tiggie.

For IL2

It is hard to go past the latest update from Team Daidolos, the 4.2.12 megapatch, which brings all the latest TD goodness to your official IL2 46 game base.

And one of BOBGAMEHUB's favourite time wasters at the moment is the Fall Blau campaign from Greybeard, which is made for the 4.2.12 update.

Fall Blau puts you in the cockpit of a Henschel 129 ground attack plane from II Gruppe of Schlachtgeschwader 1 operating against Soviet ground forces during second half of 1942, together with Italian, Hungarian and Rumanian allies.

We like the ability to fly a lesser known aircraft (which packs a heck of a punch), together with some lesser known allies, over the same terrain that we will soon be flying in both CoD (winter map) and other Easter Front sims soon to be released.

And if you are a fan of WWI stringbags, you are spoiled for choice these days, including a free add on to IL2 called Canvas Knights!


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