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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sealion Mission 6 to 8: Fall of Folkestone, download now!


HD video:

Folkestone falls

September 23, S-tag +2: During the night, British forces retreated from Folkestone Port, and Lympne airfield. Large numbers of civilians remain trapped behind enemy lines due to the speed and surprise of the attack. German ships are now able to unload directly to the docks at Folkestone and an air bridge has been established at Lympne to ferry Luftwaffe aircraft and supplies to this new Luftwaffe base in England. British reconnaissance indicates further German forces massing at Cherbourg and British land forces have been diverted to the South-West to counter this anticipated second landing. The German XXXI army corps is en-route to Lympne, while British long range artillery targets the airfield. Overnight the Blitz on London continued unabated.

Hi all,

Presenting Sealion mission 6. Mission can be played from 7 separate points of view:

- Erpro 210 Bf110 (attack on British troop positions at Killingwood ridge south of Hawkinge)
- LG2 Bf109e4 scramble from Lympne
- JG26 Bf109e4 air train escort
- He111 air train supply mission Lympne
- 64 Sq Spitfire escort for attack on Folkestone harbour
- 212 Sq Blenheim attack on Folkestone harbour
- 111 Sq Hurricane scramble from Hawkinge

So it is actually seven missions in 1. Probably my favourite so far.

For this mission I have built and populated Folkestone harbour using period photographs of the port as my source. There is also considerable land warfare action underway during the mission, with 8th Panzer division tanks and truck mounted Pak 38s trying to take the ridge at Killingwood, while British troops try to hold the line and British artillery targets shipping in the harbour.

I have kept the actual number of ships and objects in the mission to the minimum necessary to keep 20-30 fps on my medium spec machine. My own observations are that the biggest killer of FPS when you are combining land, sea and air ops like this is actually not really the objects/trees/grass etc, though obviously these have to be managed, it is smoke from burning objects. Light up a few freighters and you can take a real FPS hit trying to fly over smoking wrecks.



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