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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sealion Minus 1: first two missions of day one avail now!

Fly either RAF or Luftwaffe in the invasion of Britain - September 1940: Operation Sealion.

Download here:

These missions are minutely based on the notes from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst wargame conducted in 1974 to simulate a September 1940 invasion by Germany. In this exercise, each side (played by British and German officers respectively) was based in a command room, and the actual moves plotted on a scale model of SE England constructed at the School of Infantry. The panel of umpires included Luftwaffe ace Adolf Galland, Admiral Friedrich Ruge, Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris, Rear Admiral Edward Gueritz, General Heinz Trettner and Major General Glyn Gilbert. The main problems the Germans face are that a) the Luftwaffe has not yet won air supremacy; b) the possible invasion dates are constrained by the weather and tides (for a high water attack) and c) it has taken until late September to assemble the necessary shipping.

Each mission in the BoB Game Hub Sealion mission pack is designed with multiple flyable aircraft available to players flying either RAF or Luftwaffe. Wherever practical, mission design includes both ground starts and airstarts. Mission design takes an 'open battlefield' approach - the player will be given an objective, but once airborne, you have full freedom of operation to either prosecute the assigned target, or attack other targets of opportunity.

As an example, in mission 1, flyables include Blenheim IV and Hurricane for RAF, Bf109E4 and Bf110C for Luftwaffe, while RAF targets include German ships and barges at sea, German harbour facilities, and Luftwaffe standing patrols, while Luftwaffe targets include attacking RAF bombers and fighters. Later in the conflict, targets will include land forces, encampments, fuel and supply depots, bridges, armour and convoys.

Designed with a self install program to run from within the CoD Single Missions menu, each mission can therefore be played from several perspectives, with the player fully able to customise the missions (piloted aircraft, number of allies, number of enemies etc) to suit themselves.

When the set is complete, it will be released as a package, but for now I will release it mission by mission as each mission is completed.

I am aiming for nothing less than 'epic' with these missions. Enjoy!