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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Operation Sealion mission pack news...

Sealion minus 1, September 21: In accordance with Goering’s historical directive of Sept 16, the Luftwaffe has once again intensified attacks on RAF airfields and aircraft industry targets. In the morning, the Brooklands Hawker factory was hit by Ju88s. More hit and run raids are expected throughout the day. From France come coded reports from French agents that German transport ships are beginning to move out of Calais, Le Havre and Dunkerque. If correct, these reports could either indicate an invasion fleet is beginning preparations to sail, or equally that the fleet is being disbanded. Better intelligence is urgently needed.


Hi Folks!

Further update on the Operation Sealion mission set…

Unlike most single missions where the player is directed ‘in this aircraft, go there, and do this’, each mission file in the Sealion set comprises several independently created sorties with different flyable aircraft and objectives, within the one mission file.

As an example of what you can expect, the ‘Day 1: Sept 21 a.m.’ mission file features flyable sorties by both RAF and LW aircraft – with a variety of airstart and ground starts, and includes the following sorties:

- Recon escort with RAF 111 Squadron Hurricanes
- Recon flight with RAF 212 PR (Photo Recon) Squadron Blenheim
- Defensive Combat air patrol with 64 Squadron Spitfires
- Offensive Combat air patrol with 64 Squadron Spitfires
- Defensive Combat air patrols with LW LG2 Bf109s or ZG76 Bf110s
- Offensive strike mission with ErPro 210 Bf109E4Bs

To the extent possible within CoD these mission files are intended to give the player the feeling of participating in a wider conflict, with targets and goals for each sortie very much dependent on each other and tied to the storyline of the Sealion invasion.

All of these individual missions are fully customisable – the player can choose the sortie they will fly in, the aircraft type, and number of aircraft in each unit. The missions have been designed with fewer aircraft/objects in each flight/squadron to allow several unique sorties in each mission file without overloading CPU/GPUs; but aircraft numbers can easily be scaled up or down by the player as they wish. For example you can zero some of the units in the sortie you are not flying, if you want to reduce the CPU/GPU load, or make the sortie easier. Conversely, you can increase the number of opponents to make it harder (PC specs allowing!).

As usual with BoB Game Hub missions, the files are delivered with a self installer/uninstaller for easy installation. Missions draw heavily on historical events, coupled with the report of the 1974 Sandhurst military academy Sealion wargame. The first download will include 2 mission files:

Day, September 21, morning: briefing as above. Video shows just a selection of possible sorties.

Day 1, September 21 evening: Briefing - Night-time bombing raids on London are expected to continue, with heavy raids detected building over France at 7 pm. Luftflotte 2 has been specially tasked with providing air cover for shipping movements along the French coast between Le Havre and Calais. The RAF has been ordered to increase its efforts to attack German ships and materiel in France, Belgium and Norway which could be used to support a potential invasion. A special warning has been issued regarding Kriegsmarine AAA defences at French ports after the loss of recon flights earlier in the day to heavy AAA fire.

Sorry for the time it is taking to build these, but with each mission comprising several possible sorties with multiple but integrated briefings, objectives and flyables, I need to fine tune each sortie individually… I hope your patience is rewarded!

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