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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Positives emerge from Cliffs of Dover release

As with any new PC sim launch, there are teething problems, but some players are working through them to expose the huge potential in the Cliffs of Dover sim. Players with high end systems are reporting that with tweaking, they are getting frame rates over land between 20 and 40 fps, with some stuttering but the game is playable in solo flight or in small combat scenarios.

Simmer 'Devastat' reported on the 1C forums after disabling the Anti-Epilepsy Filter:
Yep I am positive now, the anti-epilepsy filter is definitely gone from my IL-2 the performance is so good. Now there is still a lot of tweaking needed to be done for sure, but now I am starting to believing in this project, the experience of playing this game is totally unique. I just saw blue fumes flaming out of my engine and it looked beautiful at 5am in the morning, and I was in top of london and still getting a playable framerate, but offcourse not as good as over the water.. (all graphics details on HIGH except shadows disabled).

I don't know if I could get such a good framerate from the international version tho, as we don't know if it is possible to disable this filter from that version..?? Well nobody knows at this stage. But it runs so well now that I wont install the international version at this stage..

I have to say that not has any game ever given such an feeling of "being there" as this game. It does feel totally immersive, as if you were really flying the plane.

If someone could help me to find binding key for changing the seat, I cannot get into any other seats in my planes as the keybinding C (which is supposed to be default) doesn't work for some reason, so I cannot test any other seats except pilot seats..

One of the first users to post a review was 'Sim'. He responded to the post from 'Devastat' saying, 'After tweaking some things, game play is much better than original. Now waiting for next patch to fix some big issues. '

Devastat's PC is an i7 920 2.7ghz, 12gb ram, ati radeon hd5850, settings on high, filter off.

He reports however, "Its not playable when approaching planes too close in fights. However no graphic setting really make difference onto this so i think that the problem is in CoD itself and it is not really up to hardware.

It is playable above london when just sightseeing."

Details of the full game map have also been put together from the Russian release, see the graphic below from Foobar, stitched together from two in game map screens. Mission builders will be glad to see so much of France included - Battle of France campaign anyone?

 Some beautiful user screenies are emerging eg these by 'highness' (albeit taken at 4-6 fps!)
New annoyances are however emerging. The developer recommends online players stick to the small online maps, such as this, because to play over the actual map of the Channel coasts would hit frame rates too hard.
 An online mode for a sim called Cliffs of Dover, where it is recommended you don't fly over the Cliffs of Dover? Say what?

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