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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mission of the Week #5: Corpo Aero Italiano

Download here:

Fly CR42, Hurricane, or Fiat, though the mission is designed from the POV of a pilot in 257 Squadron RAF.

Background: The most damaging raid of the Corpo Aereo Italiano took place on 11 November 1940 (most British sources arbitrarily date the end of the 'Battle of Britain' at 31 October).

This raid of approximately 12 BR20s, 12 CR42s and some G50s was picked by British coastal radar stations at 13.30 hours, heading for the Essex port of Harwich.  Approximately 30 Hurricane fighters from RAF Martlesham and RAF North Weald were 'scrambled' to intercept.  British squadrons involved were nos. 257, 17, 46, and (belatedly) 249.

British combat reports from the day claimed 9 BR20s destroyed (plus 1 damaged), and 4 CR42s destroyed (plus 3 probably destroyed and 1 damaged), with 2 Hurricanes slightly damaged.  In the confusion and heat of combat, over-claiming was rife on both sides throughout the Battle of Britain.

A study in 1988 revealed that four BR20s and four CR42s were actually brought down.  Among those captured were Sgt P. Salvadori, Sgt Major A Lazzoni, Picto Appani, and two other unidentified aircrew.

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