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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Comparison: Wings of Prey, Cliffs of Dover, BoBII - over Dover

This comparison video shows a Spitfire II in flight over Dover Port in all three sims on the same PC. While it allows the viewer to compare how the sims look and feel in comparison with each other, it also allows the viewer to compare the different representations of Dover landmarks and landscape in each sim. Dover is a particularly rich area for study, as it features the iconic port, Dover Castle, Foreland lighthouse, Beachy Head lighthouse, the Cliffs of Dover and the RDF masts. Which sim do you think captures it best?


  1. i just whant to now it Cod is good to buy now or if it is better waiting a littel longer..
    And if i buy i will get it from steam..


  2. Yes, CoD is patched now and playable on most PCs with a graphics card 1MB or more. Go for it! Steam installation is simple. See review on this site for more info!

  3. Not 1MB graphic card, 1 GB! And preferrably more if you want decent eye candy.