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Saturday, October 25, 2014

If you are on the fence paying 50/90 Euros for BoS, you might want to wait

A (virtually) free to play version is on the way.

In a few months time, you will be able to get a cheap trial version of Battle of Stalingrad which comes with two planes unlocked (and the rest you can earn through XP grinding).

But the devs aren't announcing this, because they want you to pay 50 or 90 Euros for the launch version first.

Russian trial version released already

The devs have now (reluctantly) confirmed they are doing what they said two weeks ago they would NOT do, that is, release a virtually free - 500 rouble- version of Battle of Stalingrad with two planes, where you unlock the others through XP grinding, to Russian customers.

So they misled you two weeks ago saying they would NOT do this.

777 studio head Jason Williams has said he did not deliberately mislead anyone, as this decision was made by the Russian studio bosses at 1C.

1C GS credibility down in flames.

But he wants you to believe this version will only be released in the Russian market.

We told you two weeks ago this was inevitable. Not because we are psychic, but because the devs themselves accidentally said so in one of their promotional videos! Then they went into damage control mode trying to deny it.

And we happily admit we got it wrong by a massive 500 roubles (10 Euro).

The trial version is NOT free people, it is only virtually free.

Now when these same devs tell you that there will NOT be a trial version released outside Russia, so you will have to buy the 50 USD or 90 USD version, why should you believe them?

By the way, the 777 Studio produces Rise of Flight, a WWI flight game, which comes as - you guessed it - a free version with two planes.

So it's just a matter of time and if you are patient, you will be able soon enough to get that $50 game with 8 planes unlocked, as a $10 game with two planes unlocked.

Would anyone like to bet against it happening?


  1. 1C 777 is Russian. This is country that invade Ukraine and shoot down Malaysia airline jet with 200 people. You think Russia business people has more moral? Then you are the fool! They do whatever they want and think 'screw you I am in Russia you can not touch me'. Plus they are hacking your bank account while you are reading this.

  2. No, it is just that the project is run by Russians (1C) for Russia, and idiots for Europe and America (777 studio). They can't agree on anything but it is 1C that calls the shots. So 1C decided the game should try to be like War Thunder and 777 had to go along, and tries to undermine 1C on this decision. 1C decided they wanted to do a trial version, but 777 decided not to. 1C actually has good community moderators (Han, Zak, Loft) while 777 has abusive tyrants (Jason, Bearcat). If it was up to 1C, there would be a cheap/free version for players in the EU and America, it is 777 that is stopping it from happening.