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Monday, October 6, 2014

BoS Free version does exist!

(Or at least, official discussion about it.)

When I was checking the stats on the blog this week (thanks by the way to the 380 people who visited daily this week!) I was interested to see a lot of hits from this URL

Clicking on the link shows it is part of the IL2 Sturmovik devs closed forum,  so I can't see the content.

So let me predict what they are saying:

"OOPS Loft you dumbo, you let everyone know we are planning a free version!"

"Damn, what can we do?"

"Deny it!! Or we won't sell any of the expensive versions?"

"But, we are releasing a free version!"

"OK, let's say we have NO plan to release a free version, and put a price on it, say 20 bucks!"

"Genius, yes! We'll do that!"

Is that what they are talking about in there? Why call your secret thread 'Free version' instead of '2+ dollar version' or 'Two plane version'.

Lets hope they really are discussing the release date for the free (oops sorry, 20 Euro) version!

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