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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ground Forces goes airborne?!

From 'Attack of the Fanboy'

War Thunder is well known for having many, many frequent patches and not every patch brings in new content. However, sometimes just when you forgot what having new content felt like, there are significant changes. Patch 1.43 of War Thunder is no different and it plans to implement a new system for how War Thunder Ground Forces arcade battles will be played.

In the current state, you can only drive tanks in ground arcade battles. However, in the patch, you will now also be able to fly planes! However, there is a catch. The planes aren’t the ones you may have unlocked and you have to get a certain amount of kills before you can “unlock” the ability to jump into an array of predetermined attacker aircraft or heavy bombers. Artillery will now also be limited. No longer will artillery strikes be limited merely by a cool-down timer, but now you will have to earn your artillery strikes up to a maximum of 3.

How these changes will change the balance of the game is still to be determined, but some people have argued that these changes will help the team that gets a good start snowball into victory. These changes will only affect arcade battles as simulation and realistic will remain the same.

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