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Sunday, May 12, 2013

New effects work by Team Fusion for CoD

Team Fusion has continued to work on improving effects and trying for higher framerates with effects like smoke and contrails.

See video here:

They have also shown a screenshot of work in progress on a new naval unit - the Rodney class British cruiser.

Bringing capital ships like this into the game will mean they also need to bring in weapons which can be used to attack them.  In the 1940s the only German munition capable of sinking a British cruiser or battleship was the LTF5 torpedo, so for CoD that would mean adding it to the loadout of the He115 seaplane. The LTF5 was a particularly ineffective torpedo, as it had to be dropped at exceedingly low airspeed or it would dive to the bottom. So any aircraft delivering it, was a sitting duck. Still it would make for an interesting mission or two to set up a brace of He115s to attack the HMS Nelson!

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