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Sunday, May 12, 2013

CoD REDUX campaigns now updated for TF Mod

The RAF and Luftwaffe REDUX campaigns have been updated to make the most of the new features in the TF MOD for those using it.

These versions are for use only with the TF MOD. If you don't have the TF MOD version of Cliffs of Dover, these campaigns are available in normal versions (see links below).

REDUX campaigns feature missions designed by Heinkill, with scripting by Bolox and Gabuzomeu, giving you campaign kill counts, medals and promotions.

The TF MOD version has been enhanced with high altitude missions, new objects and different aircraft types including 100 Octane RAF and LW fighters.

This package contains both the RAF and LW campaigns, for separate install as desired. You will see 'For TF MOD' in yellow letters on the splash screen, if you have installed correctly.

If you have a campaign in progress, you can just install straight over the top and continue where you left off. More detail in the extensive README documents.


Download REDUX for TF MOD

Get BOTH the RAF and LW REDUX campaigns for TF MOD from Airwarfare, here:

Looking for the REDUX campaigns for the stock version of Cliffs of Dover?

If you don't use the TF MOD here are the original versions. (These will also work with the TF MOD, they are just not optimised for that MOD, so they don't include high altitude missions, new objects such as the ships, or the new 100 Octane fighters...)




Heinkill, Bolox, Gabuzomeu and testing teams.


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