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Sunday, May 12, 2013

BOB2 Wings of Victory update

Boreas has updated his RAF engine sounds based on some new sound sampling of real Merlins he has done. I am a big fan of Boreas work. You can get them here:

Hazzie has posted some nice 109 skins. See them in action at

Skins downloadable at

Cherkassov is updating the Bf110 skins in the multiskin mod


Stickman has remade the Sheerness region with historical precision, as usual


Hazzie has also been working on prop blur at various engine speeds and settings:



And work has started on version 2.13, with the following wishlist and work in progress identified (may or may not make it into the final update):

- Terrain elevation
- Multiskin additions
- City, airfield, port and landmark updates to further improve historical accuracy
eg Newhaven, swing bridge area

- Chalk Cliffs (at the moment there is a bug making some cliff tiles 'see through')
- Campaign map

- Ongoing work on 'Buddye's Buglist'

1. Still some minor warps in AI behavior to fix when changing maneuver codes (nevertheless huge improvement over original ones).
2 Pilot to bail-out 3-5 seconds after final punch (currently with no delay). Bail-out delay time could be randomized based on skill and damage.
3. Bombers formations to spread-out in panic, drop bombs and return home when attacked fiercely. Shooting down the whole group of unescorted JU88s without any panic signs across the whole slaughter process seems a bit unrealistic.
I've seen some "automatic" panic only with single stuka pilot when attacked directly (here it could be more randomized). His few comrades could join in as well at a random manner depending on skill and situation.
4. Personalized squadron roster in SPC like in EAW. Newcomers, KIAs,wounded score, rank etc, pilots to fly the mission/rest, current AI level for a given pilot.
5. Label types to be toggled continuously from none through single character to long ones with different key stroke than labels on/off
6. Different labels for quick check where direct wingmen are
7. Clouds to cast shadows on the ground (maybe it is there and I missed it).
8. 3D sound in external views - currently only fly-by sound present
9. Fix replay problems
10 Fix MP Beta issues and refine
11. Prevent AI from seeing through the clouds
12. Review report in the Campaign (bad counts for Hurri, Ric reported on beta forum). --- I think Randy mostly fixed this one?
13. Fix the winds so they can be evoked (now only below 1000 feet)
14. Real gunsites for the BOBII flyable A/C
15. Fix the not working or broken 3D gauges ------------ Stickman will need to Status this one but we fixed most. Ithink?
16. All RAF spits will have Two Speed/Constant Speed propeller ----------------- We know how to do this but the question is impact to Game play?
17 Fix the problem with adding A/C in BOBII. Add the Tiger Moth to BOBII
18. Players can man the gunner position in the BF110 and Ju87
19. Start the process of AI being able to improve and not make the same mistakes
20. Continue Fred’s Mission Editor Concept
21.Correct adverse yaw effect – Blue Six interest ----------- I think Ken fixed this one?
22. Fix RAF 303's number of bullets and rate of fire issue ----- I fixed this one some time ago, I think.
23. Investigate solution to AI blacking out like player
24. Formation jitter
25. Jittering Gauges (really just not smooth operation)
26. Broken Gauges ---------------------------------------------- Oops, thei is the same as 15?
27.. Small jumps intermittently during combat
28. "Hicup" that results in the Min FPS display hitting 1,2,3,4
29. Fix AutoPiolt so that it does not go to external view but stays in cockpit view.

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