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Friday, November 30, 2012

Cliffs of Dover REDUX out now

The RAF campaign REDUX available NOW

Mission design and storyline by Heinkill
Scripting by Bolox and Gabuzomeu
Beta testing by EAF92_Splash, Slot, and W1ndy.

Welcome to this ‘redux’ version of the stock Cliffs of Dover RAF campaign.

Why a ‘redux’? Well, quite simply because the original plot of the RAF campaign read like it was written by a 20 year old Japanese console gamer and in the developers’ rush to get the game on the market many of the missions were either badly designed or just plain broken.

The user community and 3rd party developers have stepped in and filled the campaign gap with some highly entertaining and professional single player content, but it is still offputting to new players that the stock campaign that comes with the game is just so…terrible.

What has been redone?

The entire plot of the campaign has been rewritten. The campaign is now inspired by the career of real life BoB pilot ‘Red’ McColpin, one of the first US airmen to serve with the RAF in WWII. 

Clear mission success and failure criteria have been created, together with an innovative system that displays the player’s and squadron’s kills and losses during the mission and throughout the campaign, and awards medals for campaign progress.

Regarding historical accuracy, an attempt has been made to recreate a sense of history as the campaign unfolds, with authentic Ministry of Defence RAF Fighter Command campaign combat reports used to provide the player with an end of day summary of theatre wide events at the end of each mission. You will relive the terrible events of summer 1940, just as they happened.

Finally, the landscape of SE England and France has been populated so that the previously empty ports of Dover, Folkestone and Calais, and combat stations Tangmere and Manston have been made into living locations, bustling with activity.

The team behind the Redux campaign mod has thoroughly enjoyed working to bring this to you. We hope you enjoy using it, as much as we enjoyed building it.


35MB download here:


ZIP file (also containing self installer) at Airwarfare website:

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