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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BOB2 version 2.12 gets closer! And a bomber skin mod!

This news from Bader of the BDG:

"Good news is that we have been battling with some obscure crashes for some time. Osram has done some excellent diagnostics and found that we have been hitting an internal animation number limit, of 8000 animations (there are so many more things going on visually in BoBII now than even a couple of patches ago with all the objects and effects in big battles).

This now seems to be fixed, so we are now in final test stage. This looked like a couple of weeks a while back but with testing you never can say. So it's no good to commit just yet."

At the same time a new bomber mod has been released by Aces, which takes away an annoying 'shine' which affected bomber skins at dawn and dusk.

Download Link (Mediafire):


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